Heating Element HA-P005 9 kW 240V Eemax HA027240 HA018240 etc.


Weight: 0.70 lbs
MPN: HA-P005

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9kW Heating elements for Eemax electric tankless

HA-P005 9kW Replacement Heater Element for Tankless Water Heaters

9000 watt at 240 volts heating element for several Eemax electric tankless water heaters, including:
≈ Eemax PR018240, PR027240, PR036240
≈ Eemax PA018240, PA027240, PA036240
≈ Eemax EEM24018, EEM24027, EEM24036
≈ Eemax ProSeries XTP XTP016480, XTP018208, XTP020480, XTP024208, XTP024480, XTP027480, XTP032208, XTP036480, XTP048480, XTP054480 (yes, including the 480 volt models)

Also compatible with other manufacturers' heating elements with the same specs. Partial list:
≈ iHeat/Drakken AHS27D, AHS18D, AH27, AH18
≈ Rheem RTEX-18, RTEX-27, RTEX-36
≈ Rheem RETEX-18, RETEX-27, RETEX-36

If your heater is 18kW, then it uses two elements. If your heater is 27kW, then it uses three elements. If your heater is 36kW, then it uses four elements.

It is possible to use the 9kW elements in the HA024240, PR024240 and EEM24024. The will safely operate at 8kW.

Part numbers on plug: R004709024S and SGB-2903


• O-Ring included.
• Voltage rating: 220 to 240 Volts
• Power rating is 9000 Watts at 240V
• Plug type: Screw-in
• Sheath material: Choose either copper clad or zinc-plated copper clad in the menu above.
• Density is for high wattage
• Length of the copper anode element material: 13.0 inches (NOT including the brass threads)
• Length from end of brass plug with threads to end of element "U" turn: 13 7/16 inches (including the brass threads)
• Length of the entire item, from the screws at bottom of plastic plug to the end of element "U" turn: 14 3/16 inches
• Weight of item not including packaging: 15.2 ounces
• Certifications and approvals: UL, CSA

Element can be ordered with either of the following options: copper only, or zinc-plated copper for superior corrosion resistance. Scale and corrosion are a common cause of failure for copper heating elements. Zinc plated elements typically last longer than copper only elements. Here is some helpful information about zinc plating: https://www.sharrettsplating.com/blog/corrosion-resistance-of-zinc-plating/. Zinc plated elements appear to be stainless steel but are not.

Alternate item number variation: HAP005

UL certified 9kW tankless water heater element CSA certified electric tankless water heater element  

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Rachal Burton
Aug 17, 2018
This customer purchased this item.
Searched everywhere for this product and was glad to finally find them on GadgetsGo. So far I have no complaints they fit perfectly in my Eemax and are keeping the water hot.

Advantages: The zinc plating is a nice improvement over the copper that I replaced.
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May 6, 2019
This customer purchased this item.
GadgetsGo sells great products. However, most importantly to me, is their excellent customer service. I had a question and it was answered with a personal phone call within hours. Then they followed up with an email.

Advantages: The tankless water heater that I purchased performed better than I expected and better than it was rated on the box. I bought one that was rated for 1 shower and 2 faucets at a time. However, I had the dishwasher running and my grandson didn't know it was on and he took a shower at the same time. It performed like a champ. This was my first one and did not know for sure what to expect. It had a problem and still performed beyond its stated capacity. This part was shipped immediately to me without question. This water heater is simple to set and to change the temperature as needed. Just a turn of the dial and it is an immediate change. I have no problem recommending this brand to anyone who would ask me.

Disadvantages: So far I have had no disadvantages to this purchase. This was an excellent purchase for me and I am so impressed with this company.
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Dec 26, 2020
This customer purchased this item.
They are a perfect fit and they showed up in a couple days
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