Takagi/State/AO Smith Concentric Wall Termination 100266115 100266117


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Centrotherm-type Concentric Sidewall Term Kit
Choice of two lengths:
11.5 inches (292mm), item number 100266115
or 21 inches (533 mm), item number 100266117

This gadget is part of the Direct Venting System for Takagi/State/AO Smith/American Heating/Reliance models 110C, 310C and 510C Gas Tankless Water Heaters. This uses the Takagi Proprietary APNC35 Concentric Vent Design which allows for an extremely long maximum venting length of 43 feet and up to 4 elbows.

19.5" Concentric Straight Pipe Vent, Takagi/State/AO Smith
Venting with Centrotherm is a "snap". Female ends have locking collars with gaskets.
Unlock the collar 
and slide the male end into the female end. The inside of both intake
and exhaust pipes 
on the female end have gaskets that will seal to the male ends. Once
inserted, lock the 
collar to secure the two pipe sections.


Tankless Non-Condensing Concentric Vent Venting Instructions

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