Aervoe Industries Inc.

Aervoe Industries Inc.

Aervoe began in the 1970s and since then has manufactured products for industrial, commercial and construction sectors. Products include paints, specialty costings, cleaners, and lubricants.

Aervoe designs their products to meet the strictest environmental and quality standards. Aerosols are VOC and MIR compliant, meet strict California state requirements, and are lead- and CFC-free. Some of the products are formulated with non-flammable and HAPS-free ingredients.

Aervoe first began manufacturing paints and chemicals, then expanded to the following areas below.

Safety, Traffic Control and Outdoor
Includes items for personal and industrial safety, and outdoor recreation. Aervoe's portable appliances are made to easily take with you with outdoor recreation, restaurant use, catering, and jobsite cooking. The solar collection and storage devices allow professionals and outdoor enthusiasts to keep charged in remote locations.

Product Formulation
Aervoe has their own product formulation staff who are skilled in chemical formulations. Aervoe has state-of-the-art equipment for color matching, testing, analysis. Each chemist takes ownership of the products they make.

Quality Assurance
Across all products, at every step of the way, Aervoe does QA: formulation, mixing/batching, manufacturing, overseas product inspection, packaging and labeling. Aervoe's regulatory and technical ensure all products conform to federal, state and local laws.

Aervoe Solar-powered LED Strobe/Signal Safety Light, 1198 Yellow
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