Avitron v2.0 Bionic Remote Controlled Bird


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Avitron v2.0 Bionic Remote Controlled Bird

Fly the New Bionic Bird:
The very latest in miniature engineering gives you the most sophisticated ornithopter  ever invented.

Yet anyone can fly it with ease.

MUCH better than Airhogs FireWing. (Read why in FAQ #5 below.)

Experience the magic of flying with the latest in robotic technology -- right at your fingertips. You are, in a sense, flying like a bird because you are controlling the bird. Set aside those noisy RC helicopters and video games. Go out and fly this bionic bird among the real birds. If only Leonardo da Vinci could see you now.

The Avitron looks and flies so much like a real bird that they (the live birds) will mistake this bionic bird for one if its own. We've got it on video as proof! (Posting here soon.)

This Bionic Bird is so advanced that two patents were granted for its components: the way the wings change shape on command, and the way the gearbox was engineered for power, weight and miniature size.



 Ultra light: weighs less than 1/3 ounce (8.35 grams)

 Easy-to-use, sharp and instant directional control for aerial stunts. It's made possible by Avitron's patented wing shape manipulation technology.

 Fly it indoors and outdoors  
 Up to 128 Avitrons flying simultaneously with Auto Channel Selection + Multi-Frequency System
 Spread Spectrum: 2.4 GHz WiFi radio control with Auto Detection
 Signal range of 100 meters (109 yards)
 Quick charge in just 12 minutes with Avitron's exclusive Smart Charging Cycle


Technical specifications

•  Weight 0.3 oz (8.35 grams). Length: 6.7" (17 cm). Wingspan: 13" (33 cm)
•  Impressive gliding ability with a very low ratio of weight to wing area (3.42 g/dm²)
•  Adjustable tail angle for slow or fast flight
•  Powerful 0.8 watt motor with aluminum heat sink
•  Extremely precise flight controller (128 steps)
•  Flies up to 1.2 miles or 7.5 minutes at full power per battery charge
•  Electronic protection against motor overheat and battery damage (short circuit, overcharge and total discharge) for longer life
•  Charge the Avitron from the charger up to 75 times on a single set of 6 AA batteries in the charger
•  Controller has auto power-off to preserve battery power
•  Cutting-edge Hybrid Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery: 55 mAh, 20C (1100 mA). 0.05 oz (1.6 grams)
•  Maximum motor speed: 53,000 RPM
•  Wing flapping speed: 18 flaps per second
•  Wing amplitude angle: 55°
•  Maximum static thrust: 10 grams


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What's in the box?

• 1 Avitron, assembled and ready for flight
• 1 Controller (batteries not included)
• 1 Extra pair of wings
• Aluminum tape to use as ballast for balancing the wings
• High quality carrying/storage case
• Instruction manual

Avitron v2.0 Bionic Remote Controlled Bird

Avitron v2.0 Bionic Remote Controlled Bird

Q2: Is it okay for kids to play with my Avitron?
A2: We strongly recommend that you do not allow small children to handle your Avitron. However, if they are old enough to handle the controller, you can let them fly the bird under your supervision.

Q3: What is the warranty for Avitron?
A3: This product has a warranty against defects in workmanship and material under normal use (as indicated in the manual) for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Q4: How does the controller work?
Avitron v2.0 Bionic Remote Controlled Bird
• The right-side joystick controls left/right steering. The joystick springs back into place when you let go.
• The joystick on the left controls throttle by adjusting how fast the wings flap.

Q5: What is the difference between the Avitron 2.0 and the Airhogs FireWing?
A5: Avitron 2.0 is much better. FireWing is less expensive, because it is a degraded, cheaper orinthopter made for the mass market. It is made to be more "idiot-proof", and simply a toy. Avitron v2 is not a toy. Avitron has three times the maximum flying distance, twice the flying time, and charges in half the time as the Fire Wing. Also, the directional control is superior with Avitron 2.0. You must launch FireWing nearly straight up. Avitron v2 can launches itself straight out of the hobbyist's hand.

Q6: Does the Avitron come in any other colors?
A6: No, it only comes in the blue as shown. But, you can use colored magic markers without affecting its flying ability. You can be creative and make your own design :) Note that painting with paint it will affect its flying ability. 

Q7: What makes Avitron special?

Avitron v2.0 Bionic Remote Controlled BirdOver 500 years ago Leonardo da Vinci dreamed of and sketched out a mechanical flying bird. It took 500 years plus a century of flying technology to finally reach where we are today. Now, we proudly present Avitron: the most advanced, commercially available, mechanical flying bird. Here is a glimpse into the cutting-edge technology of Avitron 2.0.

Fitting all the working components into this life-sized bird's body meant foregoing standard micro-engineering methods and starting over with a new, revolutionary design.

  •  Ultra-compact component arrangement with a centrally aligned "vertebral column."
  •  Mechanics: A patented speed reducer at the end of the motor eliminates the need for an extensive train of gears, resulting in a tenfold reduction of spatial volume.
  •  Optimized design and number of needed components to produce a circuit board the size of a postage stamp.
  •  A high-precision manufacturing process with tolerance levels similar to watchmaking.

Range and manageability
A bird flies differently than an airplane, using a different set of principles. After painstakingly studying how real birds fly, the inventors developed a control system for wing bending. This enables instantaneous maneuvers that are impossible with a traditional drift system. This, coupled with an adjustable tail effect, allows Avitron to maneuver so well it can even fly indoors. Outdoors, the radio control, with its amazing range of 100 meters and laboratory-optimized aerials, allows Avitron to follow real birds straight into the clouds.

Weight and materials
The inventors put in a great deal of effort to achieve an incredible weight of 0.3 ounces. Each component, down to the smallest axle, is the result of a rigorous study of weight optimization. The battery was developed in collaboration with specialized manufacturers. The two processors were developed using the most advanced miniature electronic components. Unconventional materials such as self-lubricated polyacetate, liquid crystal polymer and carbon fiber have been used to optimize performance while reducing weight. The wings were well-researched to enable great propulsion.

2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum
The 2.4 GHz radio control is bulkier and took longer to develop than traditional 27 MHz and infra-red controls. The reason? To vastly extend its control range while eliminating problems with signal intermittence. 2.4 GHz also allows for the "Spread Spectrum" feature which automatically synchronizes the bird with the radio control so you can control several at once, without the need for a separate processor. At the heart of this technology are top-of-the-line processors that allow for the range and more advanced functions that you will discover once you use your Avitron.

Instructions, videos and Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs")

  •  Setting up the Avitron for first use
  •  Packing the Avitron into its case
  •  First flight: Fine tuning the tail
  •  Optimization: Balancing the wings
  •  Re-attaching the tail
  •  Flying several birds simultaneously (manual binding)
  •  Replace the wing
  •  Fixing a fold/crease on the wing

Other instructions and FAQs are on the inventor's website here.

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Avitron gave my son hours of fun. This is a well-made robot bird.
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