Bionic Bird Bluetooth Drone, Phone App Controlled

Bionic Bird Bluetooth Drone, Phone App Controlled

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The drone that caught the attention of all around the world high-tech specialists is here!

Bionic Bird offers a unique sensory experience – it flies like a bird… with other birds! Its power of attraction among swallows and sparrows creates a heavenly dance that you have never seen before. But watch out! It also catches the eye of predators that won’t hesitate to attack. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about damaging thanks to its ultra robust body. Bionic Bird can fly indoors too, but its tail should be set to slow mode. In an enclosed room, you can perform acrobatic moves just using your fingertips.

Bionic Bird Bluetooth Drone, Phone App ControlledTHE EGG

The portable egg is a charger and a designer perch on which Bionic Bird recharges in just 12 minutes. Charge the egg with your computer in an hour and then slip it into your pocket. In open spaces, you will be able to recharge Bionic Bird about twelve times!


Pilot Bionic Bird with your smartphone. The speed can be controlled with your fingertip, tilt your device to make turns, set the wings to glide or activate the Expert mode to fly by the classic radio-command controls. The App is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Bionic Bird Bluetooth Drone, Phone App ControlledTHE BIRD

Packed with micro-technologies the Bionic Bird weighs less than 10 grams. Designed in France, it benefits from strict quality controls, so rigorous that each bird is manufactured like a prototype. Bionic Bird combines the soaring of an eagle with the rapid flapping flight of a swallow.


Bionic Bird can fly into a room if its tail is set in the slow mode. Outside, it flies with speeds up to 20 km/h, no annoying noises and with up to a 100-metre range.  

Bionic Bird Bluetooth Drone, Phone App Controlled Bionic Bird Bluetooth Drone, Phone App Controlled

Bionic Bird Bluetooth Drone, Phone App ControlledPremium Bionic Bird box:

♦ 1 Bionic Bird, ready to fly
♦ 1 QR code card for downloading the free app
♦ 1 egg (portable charger) for quick charging 
♦ 2 spare wings
♦ 1 packet of aluminium weights 
♦ 1 USB cord 

NOTE: Compatible with Apple iOS 7 and later. Android 4.3 and later. iPhone (6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5 & 4s) - iPod touch - iPad (Air, Mini, 3rd & 4th generation).

Bionic Bird seems to be delicate and fragile, how should I handle it?
The product has been tested to last over hundreds of flight cycles and it’s manufactured with materials that are both flexible and robust. Its lightness is actually a benefit if it impacts with obstacles so it’s not afraid of hitting a wall or the ground at full speed. However, it’s still a high-tech product and should be handled with care when it’s not flying. Avoid grasping the bird by its wings or its tail and hold it by its foam body instead. Also avoid hitting or clinging onto other objects with the wings while handling the bird. Never leave it rest with weight bearing on its wings, underneath another object or directly exposed to the sun for long periods.
Can I allow my children to play with Bionic Bird?
Yes, it they’re more than ten-years old. If not, it’s not advisable to let a young child handle Bionic Bird. It’s a high-tech product that doesn’t meet the safety requirements for toys. However, we guarantee your children will be delighted by the spectacle of Bionic Bird in flight!
How does the connection between Bionic Bird and my smartphone work?
Marvelously thanks to the Bluetooth 4 protocol. This will allow you to fly Bionic Bird with a range of more than 100 metres!
How long does it take to recharge the bird?
Bionic Bird recharges on its egg in a record time of 12 minutes! The portable egg lasts for around 12 recharges.
How long can I fly Bionic Bird?
Bionic Bird flies for up to 8 minutes. The more Bionic Bird glides, the longer it stays in the sky.
Can I fly with multiple friends at the same time?
Of course! You can fly with several people at the same time because each person’s smartphone is synchronised with their own bird. You can also give a personalised name to each Bionic Bird which will be registered on the smartphone. If you have several birds, they will be recognised instantly.
What is the egg for?
The egg recharges your Bionic Bird up to 12 times. It’s a portable charger and it becomes very practical when you’re spending the day out in nature. It’s also a designer perch for the bird when it’s resting.
How does the egg work?
The egg is a portable charger. It’s integrated with a high-capacity battery that allows for 10 complete recharges of the bird without needing to recharge the egg. It recharges via USB cord and your computer in around one hour. Your Bionic Bird will then be able to recharge on the egg in a record time of 12 minutes!
Is it a paid app?
No, the Flying App is a free app especially developed for Bionic Bird.
Where can I download the app to pilot my Bionic Bird?
Go to the App Store or Google Play using your smartphone or tablet and search for Bionic Bird.

https://gadgetsgo.comimages-manual/xtim-bionic-bird manual.pdf

Instruction Manual
Full instructions for Bionic Bird with The Flying App

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