Cyber Clean Americas

Cyber Clean Americas

Cyber Clean Americas is a private consumer products company that was formed during the early 2009 as the internet retailing arm of Cyber Clean Products. It was formed under the alliance and long term arrangement between Cyber Clean Americas and Joker AG for exclusively marketing, selling, and distributing Cyber Clean® High Technology products online through different e-commerce channels by Joker AG from Kerzers, Switzerland. In this long-term agreement, Cyber Clean Americas manages all Cyber Clean product internet sales in New Zealand, Ireland, UK, the Americas, and Australia.

Cyber Clean products is available in 75 Countries around the world. Cyber Clean Americas markets all its products using guerrilla marketing techniques, and through multiple media channels from TV, trade publications, internet, and news.

Cyber Clean was developed to be a non mechanical solution to cleaning crevices and cracks on hard surfaces that conventional cleaners can't reach. Cyber Clean is a patented and unique solution from Switzerland.

Cyber Clean Americas trusts in  evolution through the innovation of all levels in its business platform from product development to the end user. Swiss engineers keep strict supervision and quality controls in the development of Cyber Clean® from beginning to end.

If you want it clean, there is Cyber Clean®. Welcome to the 21st Century of Cleaning with Cyber Clean®!

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