Drop Stop 2-pack Car/Truck/SUV Seat Foam Wedge, Organizer


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Never drop anything down the gap between your car's center console and car seat again.

Drop Stop prevents change, keys, phones, makeup, jewelry, bottle caps, gums, pens, and other small things from falling down that car seat crack.

Drop Stop 2-pack Car/Truck/SUV Seat Foam Wedge, Organizer

Included in your order is a set of TWO Drop Stops, for only $19.95 plus shipping.
FREE EXTRA #1: LED Credit Card Sized Light
FREE EXTRA #2: Slide-Free Pad
See below for description of these amazing gadgets.

Dropping something in that dreaded car seat crack while driving, is a dangerous and risky distraction. Drop Stop helps keep you safe, helping you keep your eyes on the road. No more searching under your car seats again.

Drop Stop Features
   •  Easily fits between your console and car seat
   •  Easy to clean and durable
   •  Moves with the seat, attached through the seat belt catch
   •  One time installation
   •  One size fits all: cars, trucks, vans and SUVs
   •  Made with high grade neoprene
   •  Prevents stuff from falling down the car seat crack

No more lost change
 Drop Stop 2-pack Car/Truck/SUV Seat Foam Wedge, Organizer
 No more dropped calls
  Drop Stop 2-pack Car/Truck/SUV Seat Foam Wedge, Organizer
 No more fries lost under the seat
  Drop Stop 2-pack Car/Truck/SUV Seat Foam Wedge, Organizer
 Easy to install
 Drop Stop 2-pack Car/Truck/SUV Seat Foam Wedge, Organizer

No matter what your car's interior color is, the gap between the front seat and middle console naturally creates a dark shadow. Drop Stop has a universal black neoprene casing that perfectly blocks the gap. Once it is installed, it is practically invisible.

Drop Stop can be stretched and squished to fit into any car seat crack...no matter how tiny...making it the ultimate gap filler.

"We came up with the idea after nearly crashing into a telephone pole, while reaching for a fallen cell phone. Our invention helps keep your eyes on the road. Protect yourself and your loved ones with Drop Stop."

 Drop Stop 2-pack Car/Truck/SUV Seat Foam Wedge, Organizer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Drop Stop fit in my car?

Drop Stop is designed to seal the gap and adapt to almost every single truck, car, van, SUV, or any other vehicle that has a seat separate from the center console...no matter how small or how big. Drop Stop can be stretched to become longer, or scrunched to become shorter, once wedged into the gap. Install then adjust as needed. Even if the crack seems impossibly small, Drop Stop is guaranteed to fit. Simply push it in tight and once it is in...it stays in place.

Does it come in my color?

Color of the upholstery or leather doesn't matter. The gap between the middle console and front seat naturally creates a dark shadow. Drop Stop's universal black neoprene casing is a perfect gap blocker. Almost invisible once installed, you wouldn't even know it's there.

Can I move my car seat back and forth without it getting stuck?

Yes, you definitely can. Drop Stop is designed to fit over the seat belt catch (permanently attached to the seat), enabling it to move back and forth. Depending on your car seat's material, it may get a little bunched up. Just give the device a slight tug from the front then continue moving back and forth.

How do I Install Drop Stop?

•  Tilt your seat back to an almost fully extended position (exposing the seat belt catch).
•  Place Drop Stop over seat belt catch.
•  Slide down Drop Stop into the gap between car seat and middle console.
•  Once installed, adjust your car seat to its upright position, then slide your chair back and forth until the Drop Stop is in the ideal position.

What if I get it dirty?

Drop Stop's neoprene case covering is liquid and stain-resistant. All you need is a damp, soapy cloth to wipe any mess. Presto. Your Drop Stop is clean and ready for use.

What is it made of?

Drop Stop is filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill inside a neoprene covering. This ensures that it can stretch over any seat belt with a perfect seal and fit into any size gap without compromising its integrity or damaging it. Beware of cheap imitations. These imitations are made out of inexpensive and lower-quality materials that will tear, rip, pick up dirt and dust, cause filling to come through the cover, or not maintain its shape.

But do I really need this?

Yes. Did you know that 93% of all rear end accidents and 80% of all accidents are caused by drivers taking their eyes off the road for just three seconds or less? Trying to retrieve items dropped in the gap can make you lose focus and possibly get into an accident. Drop Stop prevents objects from falling; but most importantly, it could help save your life.

What is The Slide-Free Pad?
The Slide-Free Pad rests on your dash and helps keep items in place and prevents them from falling on the floor.
   •  Place Slide-Free Pad on any flat hard surface in car (middle console, dashboard, etc.). Make sure not to place it on an area that might obstruct your vision while driving.
   •  Place item (glasses, phone, keys, change, iPod, etc.) on Slide-Free Pad. Test by gently touching item to see if it stays in place.
   •  Slide-Free Pad is made from a special material that seems sticky, but it does not leave any sticky residue on either the surface or the item.
   •  Sharp turns, short stops, even slamming on the brakes may cause your items disarray. With Slide-Free Pad, they more likely will stay put. But remember, it’s not a substitute for safe driving practices.
   •  If your Slide-Free Pad loses its stickiness, just rinse with cold water and air dry.

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