Dry Corp

Dry Corp

Dry Corp started in the medical industry providing surgical rubber sleeves that fit over casts, bandages, prosthetics, etc. to give waterproof protection. Its patented vacuum seal keeps the cast or bandage dry, even when under water. Then, they wondered if they could use the same technology for electronic devices, and help, uh, gadgets go.

One of Dry Corp's managers was riding his bike to work in the rain with a new iPhone in his front pocket. Yep: The phone got wet and stopped working.

Thus was born the idea of DryCASE. It had to have a thin, clear case that will work for voice, sound and touch, yet be completely waterproof and durable. They succeeded and now you can enjoy your DryCASE.

Dry Corp's 20,000 square foot HQ is located a few miles from beautiful Wrightsville Beach, NC. The DryCASE staff just need to drive a few minutes, jump in, and test their products in the Atlantic Ocean. "splash"

DryCASE Mission

DryCase makes epic waterproof products that work as hard and play as hard as the world’s outdoor enthusiasts, like you.