HA-P003 Heating element 6kW/208V (8kW/240V) for Eemax HA008240


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Eemax copper heating element for HA008240 Heating element 8kW/240V/33A (6 kW/208V/28.8 amp) for Eemax HA008240, EEM24008 and PR08240 tankless water heaters. Also compatible with other manufacturers' heating elements with the same specs, including Rheem RTEX-8, RETEX-8, EcoSmart ECO8.

Length of the copper anode element material: 7.75 inches (NOT including the brass threads)
Length from end of brass plug with threads to end of element "U" turn: 8.75 inches (including the brass threads)
Length of the entire item, including the black plastic portion to end of element "U" turn: 9.25 inches

Optional upgrade to zinc-plated copper. Versus copper only, the zinc-plated element has better resistance to corrosion and scale buildup, without sacrificing heat conductivity.

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: The specification for the HA008240 clearly shows that the heater uses 8 kilowatts. I see there's another 8kW element for sale. Shouldn't I buy that one?
A1: No. The 8kW element is used for larger heaters and is about 14 inches in length. It will not fit in the HA008240. The HA-P003 is the correct element for the 8kW HA008240, EEM24008 and PR08240 heaters.

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