Exact Pipe Tools

Exact Pipe Tools

Exact Pipe Tools manufacturers cutters and blades for many types of pipes: stainless steel pipes, copper pipes, cast iron pipes, ventilation and plastic piping.

Many contractors use angle grinders for cutting, but they are not designed for cutting.

Exact Tools' pipe saws are designed for fast and safe cutting on site when you need an accurate and a good-quality cut.

Stainless steel and copper can be cut with any of Exact Tool's pipe cutting machines using the proper blades.

Most of Exact's pipe cutting machines are used in construction, chemical industry, infrastructure and shipyards.

Cutting with angle grinders cause a great amount of heat, but Exact Pipe's pipe saws don't get hot. Grinders can cause fires and a safety problem. With Exact PipeCut cutters, even cast iron pipes get cut clean, cold and dry.

Exact TCT 165 Steel/Copper/Plastic Pipe Cutting Blade 7010487
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$30.00 $69.95

Exact TCT-P150 Plastic/PVC Pipe Cutting Blade
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$70.00 $50.95

Exact TCT-P165 Plastic/PVC Pipe Cutting Blade
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$80.00 $60.95

Exact Tool Vacuum Attachment/Guard for PipeCut 360/280 PRO
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$225.00 $169.00