R2 Fish School Kit Complete Fish Training System


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R2 Complete Fish School Kit
Train your fish to do amazing new tricks.

Imagine your fish playing fetch, shooting hoops, swimming the slalom, doing the limbo and more. Now they can with the Fish School Kit.
• Educational and fun
• Simple, quick and easy to use
• Used to train the fish that won the world record for tricks

R2 Fish School Kit Complete Fish Training System


• Instructional DVD: 45 minutes of training information with Dr. Dean, Comet and Kyle
• Fish school training platform, the perfect arena for your fish's tricks.
• Over 20 training accessories
• Feeding wand - the secret to positive reinforcement training
• Instructional manual with over 100 helpful pictures
• Compact base for small tanks and bowls

R2 Fish School Kit Complete Fish Training System

Teach Your Fish To:

• Swim the Tunnel
• Do the Limbo
• Shoot Hoops
• Slalom the Poles
• Play Fetch
• Climb the Chimney
• Kick a Field Goal
• And So Much More.



R2 Fish School Kit Complete Fish Training System
Included in the kit are detailed, simple instructions on how to easily train your pet fish. Our Fish School Kit will train almost all fish one to six inches in length. Customers have successfully trained Oranda Goldfish, Moor Goldfish, Bettas, Cichlids, fancy goldfish, and others. The R2 Fish School Kit is the recipient of the "Best In Show" Aquarium Product at Global Pet Expo, the world's biggest Pet Show.

How it Works

The kit uses simple, positive reinforcement training techniques to easily teach your fish to do a variety of tricks.

When you first place the feeding wand into the fish tank, your fish will swim away from it. As soon as your fish sees that the wand is providing a little treat, your fish will approach it. During the first training session, your fish will follow the wand for a treat as you wave it through the water in the tank.

When your fish starts to associate the wand with a treat, training is a snap. The kit uses simple step-by-step instructions to progressively teach your fish tricks.Soon your fish will be able to do advanced tricks like the tunnel, limbo, fetch and chimney, and be well on the way to learning sports skills like soccer, football, the slalom and more.

The R2 Fish School kit is an incredible behavioral science tool that demonstrates the basics of all learning, along with the often under-estimated intelligence of pet fish.

WARNING: Choking Hazard
Contains small balls and small parts
Not for children under 3 years
Recommended for use by anyone more than 14 years of age

Will more than one person use your R2 Fish School Kit?
Order an additional wand now for only $9.95 and it will be included in your order with no extra shipping charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hear that fish only have a 3 second memory. Is this true?

No. This is just a myth. Fish have demonstrated the ability to identify different colors, swim through mazes, tell time, and even recognize types of music.  Fish wouldn't survive in nature if they didn't have a more capable memory. This fish training kit proves that fish are way smarter than most people think and foils the myth that goldfish have poor memory.

Can my fish learn any tricks?

Yes, absolutely. Fish may be trained using positive reinforcement techniques with food rewards. The R2 Fish School kit gives you step-by-step instructions on how to shape the behavior of your fish. The tricks are meant to build upon each other. The very first step is to teach the fish to make an association between the feeding wand and a food reward. This normally happens very quickly.  After this step, the kit explains how you can teach your fish more tricks that become progressively challenging.  The R2 Fish School training kit was developed to work with all sorts of fish 1-6 inches in length. Fancy Goldfish, Moor Goldfish, Oranda Goldfish, Bettas, and Cichlids are among the tropical freshwater fish which have been trained successfully.

What size tank are recommend for training?

A small weighted base that fits any size bowl or tank is included with the kit. This base allows you to do all beginner level tricks in aquarium fish tanks of any size. A standard 10-gallon or larger rectangular tank is recommended for the advanced sports tricks. This lets you to train your fish with all the tricks in the kit.

What should I do if I want to train just one of my fish in a crowded tank?

The training tools should only be placed in the tank during short training sessions. We recommend that you use a standard inexpensive tank divider during training sessions so you can isolate the specific fish you want to train. Tank dividers may be purchased from any aquarium store.

How long will it take to teach tricks to a fish?

On average, you'll only need two 15-minute sessions daily. Tricks in the kit build upon each other and each trick takes a week for your fish to completely learn. With steady training, it should only take a couple of months for your fish to complete every trick in the kit.

Should I teach my fish cool tricks?

Definitely, you enrich fish and other small pets by giving them interesting things to do and a natural habitat. Scientists say animals (such as fish) experience less stress and live healthier, longer lives when given enrichment. In short - They're happier If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind science fair project, then fish training might just be what you're looking for

Is it difficult to do?

It's really easy and fun for your entire family It's amazing to see your fish master and complete progressively cool tricks. When it comes down to unusual birthday gifts or unique gift ideas, nothing comes close the R2 Fish School training kit

What if I have questions during training?

Dr. Dean, the R2 Fish School inventor, has created a forum of fish trainers where you can ask any question related to training from fellow fish trainers. Check it out at: http://groups.google.com/group/fish-school-forum?pli=1

Any chance that my fish will become famous?

Dr. Dean's goldfish “Albert Einstein” currently holds the Guinness World Record for pet fish trained with the most tricks. Training techniques in the R2 Fish School was used to train Albert. "Comet" is another famous feeder goldfish. Comet was actually able to master more even more tricks than Albert Einstein. We've received amazing videos from fish trainers who trained their fish for a science fair project or simply to impress their neighbors and friends

I'm just getting started with an aquarium setup. Is this going to be fun for a new fish owner?

Absolutely, all training sessions are completed  during normal feeding times. It's super easy to learn and train your new fish to do amazing tricks.

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Mar 25, 2016
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Kimberly Taylor
I knew I had to purchase the R2 Fish School Kit Complete Fish Training System the very first time I heard of it. I had a female crown tail betta fish in a really small tank. I was amazed at her progress after just a few weeks of training with the kit. Within a couple of months, she could swim through the long tunnel, the hoop, and play basketball! I highly recommend this amazing product to any fish enthusiast out there!
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K. Campbell
My goldfish Blossom absolutely loves the wand and it truly works! She's even wiser now. Awesome!
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Laura Collins
Buy this amazing product now if you really love your pet fish!
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