Eccotemp FVI12-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater


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Weight: 33.00 lbs
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Eccotemp FVI12-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater

 The Eccotemp FVI12-NG Indoor Tankless Heater is a natural gas powered indoor tankless water heater designed specifically to produce small to medium hot water in situations that require more than one hot water source simultaneously. The Eccotemp FVI12-NG tankless heater is ideal for cottages, vacation cabins, and smaller houses.

The Eccotemp FVI12-NG tankless hot water heater comes with a ready-to-install horizontal stainless steel vent kit. The 110-volt UL listed cord powers the digital display and internal exhaust fan. It only consumes about 2 watts on standby and 10 watts during operation: truly energy-efficient.


• Sleek, modern design
• Natural gas powered
• Includes 2.5" not 3" stainless steel vent kit: 18" termination pipe, wall thimble, and 90 degree elbow with backflow preventer
• Power ventilation for efficiency, safety and venting options
• Delivers three (3) GPM of piping hot water
• Digital temperature display
• Tested-Safe Electronic ignition system
• Precise water flow and temperature adjustment
• Fully independent water and gas controls
• UL listed electrical components
• Uses gas only when the hot water is on
• Freeze protection protects the heater's internal components from freezing when plugged in. (Does not protect external valves and pipes.) 


• Manual water temperature controls
• True 1/2" NPT gas and water fittings
• 1/2" gas connection
• 74,000 BTU
• DOE Energy Factor of 79%
• Maximum water flow rate is 4 GPM
• Heats water by 45 degrees F at a flow rate of 4 GPM. Heats water by 77 degrees F at a flow rate of 2.3 GPM.
• Maximum operating temperature is 140F
• Requires standard household 120V electric outlet. 60Hz, 2 amps.
• Minimum recommended operating PSI is 14. The recommended PSI is 14 + pipe pressure loss + shower/faucet pressure loss + 5 PSI safety margin. These values are for pressure at the heater. To supply hot water to upper floors, add 0.44 PSI per foot.
• Maximum recommended elevation: 3000 feet
• Copper heat exchanger
• Weighs only 33 pounds
• Unit measures 15" x 24" x 4"
• 2 year warranty

Click here for Installation Use and Care Manual

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q: Is the heated output water potable (drinkable)?
A: Yes! Eccotemp has tested the heated output water as acceptable according to water safety standards.

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