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GoLearn Toys

Go Learn makes products with a soul and a heart.

The idea for TimeBuddy, and consequently GoLearn Toys, started during a difficult period in the founder's life when he was in the middle of a divorce and attending a parenting class for Sebastian, his 3 ½ old son.

J.C. realized that the other parents in the class also had a hard time with daily routines and managing time with their children. The root of the problem laid in the fact that very young children don't comprehend the concept of time and so do not understand even the basic management of daily routines.

J.C. came up with a basic version of TimeBuddy for Sebastian which proved to be successful in helping him realize that certain activities, like going to the YMCA, were done at certain time intervals throughout the whole day.

By using a time device with visual icons to indicate everyday activities, Sebastian clearly understood the sequence of daily activities, and so managing those daily activities became a lot easier.