Hayward HeatPro HP31204T Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools


Weight: 250.00 lbs
MPN: HP31204T

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Hayward HeatPro HP31154T Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

Hayward's Heat Pro HP31204T provides super energy efficiency for moderate-climate regions

Energy efficient, high-performance Hayward HeatPro heat pumps economically and quietly maintaining your ideal water temperature at any time. Start your swim season earlier or/and end it later, consume less energy than natural gas heaters and lower your operating expenses by up to 80%. Taking the heat from the surrounding air, HeatPro uses it to warm the pool's water eliminating wasted energy. It features a digital LED control panel which provides an easy-to-read digital temperature display, showing diagnostic codes for quick and easy identification of components which might need service.
The Hayward HeatPro heat pumps offer an equivalent to your pool heating options. With its Titanium Heat Exchanger they heat pool water more effortlessly for a fraction of the gas cost. Hayward HeatPro heat pumps combine titanium counterflow heat exchangers with uncompromising and unrivaled performance – even under the harshest conditions.
The new Hayward HP31204T HeatPro Heat/Cool pump features the Ultra Gold evaporator coil and Hayward Quiet Technology for the luxury of years of efficient and reliant heating and cooling pool comfort.
HeatPro heat pumps economically and quietly maintain the ideal water temperature throughout the swimming season and especially in warmer climates. Dark surface pools and spas particularly benefit from the water being cooled in the swimming season.

Hayward HeatPro HP31154T Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools


• Heat and cooling modes
• Titanium Heat Exchanger
• Exclusive Ultra Gold Evaporator Coil: Resistance to corrosion, particularly in coastal areas
• Silent Operation: For a quiet environment in your backyard
• AHRI Certified Performance: This independent lab has certified the HeatPro's performance. It assures you of the value of your purchase.
• Round Design: Fits easily through gates and uses up less space on the concrete equipment pad
• CPVC Union Plumbing Connections (2" x 2.5"): Common union for installation and service. Adapts to larger plumbing. Recommended for efficiency
• Relatively lightweight: Weighs 200 pounds, much lighter than competing products
• Profiled fan blade which improves air flow and reduces noise
• Digital display that is simple to read and operate
• Self-diagnostic codes to check heat pump performance
• Continuous pool temperature display
• Set water temperature in 1 degree increments
• Integrated tie-downs to meet local codes; no need for accessory kits
• Environmentally Friendly R410A refrigerant
• Dual Thermostat for pool and spa
• Suitable for a pool that's no more than 25,000 Gallons

Product Specifications

Ctn. Weight 200 lbs.
BTU 120,000
C.O.P.* 6.0
Compressor Scroll
Voltage/Hertz/Phase 240/60/1
Circuit Amps 60
Diameter Width x Depth 30.25" x 34"
Height 37"

*C.O.P.: Coefficient of Performance. Higher COPs mean lower operating costs.


HeatPro Owner's Manual plus installation instructions. Warranty is on page 22 of the Owner's Manual.

Return Policy: At Hayward's option, defective product may be repaired on site or replaced with a new shipment. In case of freight damage, the buyer is responsible to file claim with the freight company.

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q: How much does this affect my energy bill? How much energy savings will I see versus gas, propane or a standard electric pool heater?
A: First, run an analysis with Hayward's free pool Heat Pump cost analysis for your specific sized pool, in your region, at your desired pool temperature. This will help you understand your monthly energy costs. Hayward has a very useful phone app, too. Also consider using a pool cover. (See section below.) A customer reported that in central Texas with an 18,000 gallon pool, with a pool temperature set at 86°F, electricity cost of 11 cents/kWh, with a pool cover, then the annual electricity cost is $1680. This is less expensive compared to the alternatives: Natural gas would be $5270; Propane would be $6850; Standard electric pool heater would be $8550.

The monthly range for this customer's pool ranges from $334 in January to $0 in July. A the customer's hourly rate of 11 cents/kWh the 120,000 BTU heater uses 7.2kW input, so the hourly running cost would be 79.2 cents.

Of course, your cost will vary depending on the region. As you can see, the Hayward heat pump is less expensive because of its efficiency.

Buying and using a pool cover is strongly recommended

A pool loses heat from evaporative cooling. That's the cooling effect when water evaporates from the surface of the pool. It accounts for about 75% of a pool’s heat loss. And, a pool cover can reduce the heat lost from a pool by approximately 50%, and directly translates into a 50% reduction in your power consumption. That's a dramatic savings in your fuel bill.

In addition to lowering your energy bill, a pool cover will provide a valuable safety by preventing people from falling in accidentally, conserving chemicals, and reducing the load on filter systems by preventing debris from entering the pool.

Return Policy: At Hayward's option, defective product may be repaired on site or replaced with a new shipment. In case of freight damage, the buyer is responsible to file claim with the freight company.

Installation Help and Recommendations

Heatpumps only work in warmer temperatures! If the air temperature is too cold, the heat pump will not operate. The exact temperature varies at which the heat pump will cease operating. Weather conditions, the amount of sunlight shining on the heat pump, and the installation quality are the main factors. The shutdown will occur at approximately 50°F (10°C).

We recommend that you have a professional pool heater installer review the above recommendations. Need an installer? Get 4 FREE Pool Heater Installation Estimates Now. It's Quick and Easy!
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