Chronomite E-series Instant-Temp Electric Water Heater


Weight: 4.60 lbs
MPN: Instant-Temp

Preset Temperature:
Instant-Temp Digital Remote Control:
Rush Order:
Housing Finish:

The Instant-Temp Instant Hot Water Heater is Chronomite's top of the line model. This instant, point-of-use water heater features easy-to-access, external, digital control of water temperature, and deionized water heating. It can serve emergency eye wash stations, booster applications, and multiple bathrooms in addition to the typical sink, bathroom and shower applications. The Instant-Temp water heater also features a remote control option.


Unlimited hot water in two (2) seconds
• 99% energy efficient and budget-saving
Low-cost, hassle-free installation and maintenance
A space saver. Compact size at point of use
Factory preset temperature: promotes healthy hand washing without scalding risks
Safe, clean, on-demand hot water eliminates the need for storage tanks, which may promote the bacteria growth and proliferation
Certified Lead-Free. Water safe for drinking
Self-cleaning feature prevents calcification buildup
UL Listed
Full 1-Year Warranty
Made in America

Instant-Temp Models

Low Flow 0.5 GPM Flow Rates Standard Flow 1.0 GPM Flow Rates
Model Temp Rise
at 0.5 GPM
Voltage Watts Amps Model Temp Rise
at 1.0 GPM
Voltage Watts Amps
E-46L/208 63 °F 208 4600 22 E-46/208 31 °F 208 4600 22
E-46L/240 63 °F 220-240 4600 21 E-46/240 31 °F 220-240 4600 21
E-46L/277 63 °F 277 4600 17 E-46/277 31 °F 277 4600 17
E-60L/208 82 °F 208 6000 29 E-60/208 41 °F 208 6000 29
E-60L/240 82 °F 220-240 6000 27 E-60/240 41 °F 220-240 6000 27
E-60L/277 82 °F 277 6000 22 E-60/277 41 °F 277 6000 22
E-70L/208 97 °F 208 7000 34 E-70/208 48 °F 208 7000 34
E-70L/240 97 °F 220-240 7000 31 E-70/240 48 °F 220-240 7000 31
E-70L/277 97 °F 277 7000 25 E-70/277 48 °F 277 7000 25
E-80L/208 110 °F 208 8000 38 E-80/208 54 °F 208 8000 38
E-80L/240 110 °F 220-240 8000 36 E-80/240 54 °F 220-240 8000 36
E-80L/277 110 °F 277 8000 29 E-80/277 54 °F 277 8000 29
122 °F 220-240 9000 40 E-90/240 61 °F 220-240 9000 40
E-90L/277 122 °F 277 9000 32 E-90/277
61 °F 277 9000 32

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 7.31" x 10.75" x 2.75"
Weight: 8 lbs.
Materials: Rugged steel housing. Celcon plastic element assembly with nichrome coils
Housing Color: White
Maximum Water Flow Rate: 1.0 GPM for Standard Flow and 0.5 GPM for Low Flow
Minimum heated water flow rate for Standard Flow models: 0.65 GPM
Minimum heated water flow rate for Low Flow models: 0.35 GPM
Minimum Water Pressure: 45 PSI
Maximum Water Pressure 150 PSI
Maximum Output Water Temperature: 140°F
Listing: UL, IAPMO, UPC, ADA

Low Flow Models can be used in single and multiple lavatory applications (up to three with the 80L and 90L). The E-46 Standard Flow and E-46L Low Flow models will heat the incoming cold water by 31°F. This temperature rise may not be suitable cooler parts of the country.

Digital Microprocessor Technology

• Immediate response to changes in incoming water pressures, temperatures and flow rate
• Factory preset temperatures
• No more scalding concerns with factory preset temperatures
• Regulates water temp 120 times per second
• Up to 50% more energy efficient than non-microprocessor water heaters
• Eliminates mixing valves

Chronomite Instant-Temp Electric Water Heater

Optional Stainless Steel Housing

Corrosion Resistant
Chromium provides for an invisible film that resists oxidation, thus making the material resist corrosion or "passive".

Stainless steel, having a non-porous surface, practically eliminates bacteria growth and other harmful micro-organisms. Easy to clean that's why it's the first choice in laboratories, hospitals as well as food processing.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Stainless steel has a modern and attractive appeal and is easy to maintain.

Chronomite Instant-Temp Electric Water Heater
Chronomite Instant-Temp Electric Water Heater Finishes
• High Polish
• Satin


Digital Remote Control only for Chronomite Instant-Temp model


• Adjust your outlet temperature at any time with the press of a button on the remote.
• Great for use with a shower. Or, pre-heat dishwasher hot water, or other higher
temperature use.
• Eliminates the requirement to have a factory preset temperature.
• Requirements for the Instant-Temp Digital Remote Control.
→ Cannot be ordered separately from the Instant-Temp unit. It must be ordered at the same time.
→ Incompatible with older Instant-Temp model versions.
Chronomite Instant-Temp Electric Water Heater



Installation Instructions - Low Flow Models
Installation Instructions - Standard Flow Models
Submittal Sheet, Instant Temp, Low Flow (pdf)
Submittal Sheet, Instant Temp, Standard Flow (pdf)
Chronomite Product Line Brochure

Use the Instant-Temp Tankless Water Heater in:

Preschools -- Instant, unlimited hot water is essential for preschools, daycares, and other fast-paced environments. Thermostatically-controlled or Factory-preset models prevent scalding and minimize the spread of bacteria and virus. Heaters are IAPMO certified to the same lead-free mandates as schools, ensuring the safest water possible for children.

Restaurants -- The benefits of Chronomite tankless water heaters are valued in health service, food service, and many other places where water safety is a must.

Pet salons and beauty salons -- Faucets in hair-washing sinks can be preset for consistent temperature that is safe and comfortable for customers. Instant, on-demand performance reduces time wasted waiting for water to heat up.

Spa showers and pools -- Instant hot water at the perfect temperature is great for visitors. Because water is only heated on demand, the unit saves energy when not in use.

Coffee Shops -- Espresso machines utilize the preset or thermostatic control feature to keep water at a consistent temperature for making beverages. Compact size is ideal for space limitations. Lead-free certification means water is safe for consumption.

Lower utility costs for low income housing -- Chronomite tankless water heaters are 99% more energy efficient than other tank heaters, and are only operational when water is going through the plumbing. This dramatically reduces hot water delivery time and saves electricity. In warm climates where water does not require much of a temperature boost, hot showers can be very cheap.

Guest Houses, Luxury Suites, and Kiosks -- Chronomite's space-saving tankless water heater design is easily hidden at point of use--perfect for small sinks, wet bars, dishwashers, and small areas where space efficiency and aesthetics are of extreme importance. Remote hot water is even possible for mobile carts in stadiums, amusement parks, and recreation areas.

Emergency safety equipment -- In times of fire, chemical or health risk, water is delivered instantly and at a safe temperature. Drench showers, eye washes, and hoses benefit from a preset temperature and a two-second delivery time. Additionally, the element assembly of a Chronomite heater uses the flow-through abrasive action of water to create a self-cleaning feature that prevents calcification and alkali buildup. Water heater units perform the first time, every single time.

Mop cleaning areas -- Instant hot water delivered conveniently in two (2) seconds, at a temperature that is preset for proper cleaning.

Chronomite Instant-Temp Electric Water Heater

Installs in 15 minutes.

10 easy steps to installing your Chronomite

Remember that proper installation and maintenance of your instant water heater can optimize its energy efficiency and lifespan.

  1. Before starting the installation, turn off the breaker and disconnect the electrical supply to the area. Shut off water supply to the fixture. Double-check that everything has been turned off before proceeding.
  2. Access electrical connections in the unit by unscrewing and removing the front face plate. Keep screw in a safe place.
  3. Mount the unit in preferred location using heavy-duty metal screws, make sure to pull existing electrical wires through supplied hole at the back of the unit. Each of its corner has a mounting bracket.
  4. Connect electrical supply wires to the electrical connections from the unit. Make sure to securely tighten all connections.
  5. Close the front face-plate. Screw securely to close.
  6. Connect the Cold Water supply line from the water source to the bottom Cold/Hot inlet compression fitting opening on the unit. Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters require only one cold water intake. No need for excess lines.
  7. Connect the Hot Water supply line from the top Cold/Hot inlet compression fitting opening on the unit to the sink.
  8. Reopen water supply line to the unit. Turn on sink for 2 to 3 minutes to purge air from the lines (Note: water will not run at temperature until the breaker is turned back on in step #10).
  9. Screw the Flow Control Valve (supplied) onto the faucet/fixture head. An included adapter may be used for an exact fit (each box includes all necessary adapters).
  10. Once purged, turn on your breaker. Enjoy your new Chronomite Tankless Electric Water Heater at temperature.
Chronomite Instant-Temp Electric Water Heater

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to install the Chronomite heater in a vertical position.
Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters are built for horizontal installation. When properly installed, the heater will have the inlet and outlet on the right side of the unit when you are facing it. Installing vertically will risk a burn out of the heating coils and the heater will not be covered by warranty. Please refer to the Installation and Operation sheet for the water heater model you are installing.

I want to plug my Chronomite water heater into a wall outlet. Where is the plug?
Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters are U.L. listed. This means that the heater is required to be "hardwired" to a dedicated breaker. To gain optimum performance and keep the product under warranty, it must be installed in this manner. Please refer to the Installation and Operation sheet for the water heater model you are installing.

How do I decrease the water temperature coming from my Chronomite Tankless Water Heater?
The only heater in this Chronomite line that allows for adjustment is the Instant Temp models when supplied with a potentiometer that permits for a bypass of the factory preset. The SR model is designed to provide a predetermined temperature to the incoming cold water. The M model can be factory preset for consistent water temp.

May I install my Chronomite tankless water heater outside?
Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters are subject to freezing. For outdoor installation, it is recommended that the heater be installed in an enclosed manner that it may not be exposed to the elements. The heater should also be winterized like any other outdoor products that makes use of water.

Why is my heater tripping the breaker?
Confirm first that the heater has been hardwired to a non-GFI, dedicated breaker. Then check that the breaker size is appropriate for the heater being installed (Example: If it is a 30-amp water heater, a 30-amp breaker is necessary). Please refer to the Installation and Operation sheet for the water heater model you are installing.

Can I install my Chronomite Tankless heater in the ceiling?
Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters are built for point-of-use applications. For optimum use and performance, they should be installed within 18" from the point of use. Please refer to the Installation and Operation sheet for the water heater model you are installing.

Will a Chronomite Tankless water heater supply my whole house?
Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters are built for a point-of-use application. They are not built to provide hot water to a whole house.

What voltage is my heater and is it okay if it doesn’t match?
Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters are volt specific. For optimum performance and use, as well as to maintain warranty, the heater must be wired for the correct voltage. The voltage can be found on the label that is adhered to the unit's front.

What phase are your heaters?
Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters are single phase.

What size copper or flex tubing do I use?
3/8"OD as per installation instructions.

Are compression fittings supplied with the heater?
Two (2) compression fittings are supplied. They are 3/8" x.25" NPT.

What is the maximum operating temperature?
It is 140ºF in compliance with the Underwriter’s Laboratories listing.

Do I need the electricity applied to the heater to know if the heater will turn on?
Chronomite Tankless water heaters are pressure and flow activated. Turning on the faucet will enable the flow switch to make a faint click sound, with or without electricity.

Are Chronomite heaters ASSE 1070 certified?
ASSE 1070 is a mixing valve code pertaining to water temperature limiting devices. It is designed to limit incoming ultra-high hot water supply temperature (120°F - 180°F) to normal, tempered water temperatures (105°F - 110°F), to minimize scalding risk to the end user. Instantaneous water heaters cannot undergo certifications nor testing to this standard, since Chronomite heaters are built to heat incoming cold, ambient supply water only. As stated by American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) on their official letterhead, the ASSE standard is for water temperature limiting devices, and the various test procedures of this standard requires that the device must have a hot water inlet, a cold water inlet and a mixed water outlet. This standard is therefore not applicable to instantaneous electric water heaters and as such cannot be subjected to ASSE 1070 tests. We have a letter from both IAPMO and ASSE stating these facts on their respective letterheads. Chronomite has a list of manufactures that are certified for ASSE 1070; the good news is, not a single water heater company is on the list. Of course, the Instant-Temp models and Instant-Flow Micro utilize a microprocessor technology that allows for field-adjustable temperatures or factory preset, and can therefore be deemed as having an "anti-scald feature."

Do Chronomite Instant Temp heaters have the DOE Energy Star label/sheet? Are they compliant with the Federal Trade Commission's Energy Labeling Rule?
Although Chronomite Instant-Temp heaters are 99% energy efficient, they do not have these certifications.

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