The founder of JAM Innovations, having worked in sales for 20 years and building brands for his prior employers, thought that it was time to begin building a brand that he could own.

While walking around Boston one snowy, cold afternoon with his cell phone safely tucked under his coat and his hands holding 2 heavy bags of samples, he arrived at his account. Upon checking the caller ID, to his disappointment, it read "2 missed calls." Promising to overcome that dilemma, he inserted the cell phone inside his glove and then thought "what a great idea!"

Next spring, his idea of having an easily accessible cell phone continued to haunt him. He went out for a bike ride and thought that the cell phone was clipped safely to his waist, but the cell phone came unclipped and fell down to the ground. The idea of his cell phone tucked in a glove came back to him, but he also wanted the caller ID to be visible. He thought that his problem would be solved if the cellphone was kept inside a protective holder which could be worn around the wrist. That would also allow him to see the caller ID. He also wanted the option to use the phone's vibrate mode in case he could not  hear the ring if it was, for example, under a jacket. Finally, without taking the phone out of the holder, he had to be able to use it.

The Hold-a-Phone was invented!

Once he had the concept nailed, the advantages became even more apparent, but it had to be universal enough so it can hold most cell phones available on the market because he didn't want to make it in a lot of different sizes.  Neoprene would be a shock resistant and  lightweight material that can stretch for almost any phone size. The final design gave him all that he needed.