AnySharp Plus: Sharpening Tool for Blades and Scissors


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Here's an all-in-one tool that can sharpen knives and scissors.

AnySharp Global: General Purpose Steel Knife Sharpener

AnySharp Plus is a knife and scissor sharpener that works better than old-fashioned steel discs. It has a hardened tungsten carbide jaw that sharpens your blades at the perfect angle.

Save your old, blunt knives. Make them sharp again.

A sharp knife is important for effortlessly dicing vegetables, slicing meat, or carving the Sunday roast. AnySharp can restore any dull, old knife in seconds. No need to throw away blunted knives.

Special sharpener for scissors

AnySharp Plus can do everything the original AnySharp does, plus sharpen shears and scissors with a second built-in sharpening edge. Note that the scissor sharpener was designed for plain scissors and may not work with bevelled blades.

Works with any knife, even serrated ones

AnySharp Global: General Purpose Steel Knife Sharpener

AnySharp uses a tungsten carbide material to extend the life of your knife. It even works on hardened steel knives and serrated blades. It's unlike any knife sharpener you've ever used.

(Note: Not compatible with extremely fine-toothed blades)

Safer by Design

Patented PowerGrip

The AnySharp's unique PowerGrip suction cup base attaches securely to your worktop or any smooth surface. You can even mount it to a wall. Once it's attached, you can easily and safely sharpen any blade single handedly.

Safer for your knives and scissors

The AnySharp's long-lasting polymer guiding top is softer than metal. It won't blunt your knife even if the sharpened edge comes in contact with it.

Light pressure means fewer accidents

AnySharp will sharpen any totally blunt blade to the perfect angle by rapidly removing excess metal. You can maintain its sharpness by lightly running the blade through.

Easy to use. No special skills required.

AnySharp sharpens your knives and scissors at a perfect 20 degrees. This used to be a difficult task, but AnySharp lets anyone get professional results every time.

After fixing the AnySharp to a surface, you can safely and easily sharpen your knives with just one hand. Gently draw the blade through the sharpening jaw up to four times to restore a sharp cutting edge.

Remember to use light pressure and to wipe the blade after sharpening.

Easy to store

AnySharp can be easily stored away in a tool box, drawer or cupboard when not in use. You can even PowerGrip it to your kitchen wall or fridge, ready to use anytime.

AnySharp Plus: Sharpening Tool for Blades and ScissorsMoney-saving and ecological

AnySharp is a an eco-friendly tool that makes old blades perfectly usable again. It can pay for itself after a few uses.


1. Pull up the handle on top of your AnySharp.

2. Place your AnySharp on a clean surface, and push down the handle to activate the PowerGrip suction.

3. Put the knife into the sharpening jaw, lightly press down pressure, and slowly pull the knife towards you. The knife should pass through smoothly and tiny metal filings should come off the knife. The knife edge should always face away from you.

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