Navien NR-20DU Remote Control for NPE Water Heaters, 30009757A


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The Navien NR-20DU is a wired remote control for Navien's NPE series tankless water heaters. It allows you to manage your water heater from anywhere at home. Remote controller functions include managing the recirculation timer and setting the water temperature.


* User-friendly, convenient, and quick touchpad data entry buttons
* Pleasant blue LCD display
* Includes an 8-foot wire. If you need a longer length, Navien support has confirmed that you can splice in standard 18 gauge thermostat wire. Maximum length is 300 ft. Or, you may use GXXX001319, cut off the connector, and use this wire.

Compatible models

NPE-150S, NPE-180S, NPE-180A, NPE-180, NPE-210S, NPE-210A, NPE-210, NPE-240S, NPE-240A, NPE-240.

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Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q1: Can the NR-20DU be mounted outdoors?
A1: It cannot be mounted outside in a way that would expose it to moisture, direct sunlight, or freezing temperatures.

Q2: Every time the power goes out in my home, the setting that the NR-20DU had for the temperature is lost. Is there a battery inside the remote that can be changed, so that when the power goes out it holds the setting?
A2: The NR-20DU does have an internal battery, but it is not replaceable. Navien tech support confirms that when the battery is dead, and when house power is cut, the settings will be lost, as you experienced.

Q3: Is this a wireless remote control?
A3: No

Q4: Can the NR-20DU and HotButton both work when connected to the same unit?
A4: Yes, partially. When you install the HotButton, it will disable all timing mechanisms on the heater. So if you have scheduled recirculation times on the NR-20DU remote controller and heater, the heater will not recirculate. It will only recirculate when the HotButton is pushed to recirculate. Otherwise, the other functions of the NR-20DU will work.

Q5: On the NR-20DU remote controller, can I just press recirculation mode like the HotButton or can I only set a specified time?
A5: You can only set a schedule on the remote.

Alternate model number spelling: NR20DU

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Apr 25, 2018
This customer purchased this item.
Works great. I set it to turn off the re-circulation pump during the hours while I am normally asleep. If the re-circulation pump is off for 8 hours a day then the cost of heating water for re-circulation is reduced by 33% annually.
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Robert Thomas
Apr 13, 2018
This customer purchased this item.
Easy to install and gave me control over recirculation. Great addition to the tankless unit
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James Kuegle
Aug 16, 2018
This customer purchased this item.
GadgetsGo provides the best customer service I have experienced shopping online. They are professional, communicative and stand behind their products !10%. I will definitely use their services in the future and highly recommend them to others.

Advantages: Superior customer service, highly ethical, great prices.

Disadvantages: None
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Bert Forbes
Sep 14, 2020
This customer purchased this item.
This purchase was a replacement for the previous one, which died after 30 months of use. Not very good lifetime for an electronic item.

It is simple to use and to connect to your Navien inline water heater, but is an indoor only unit and you have to put it in a weather proof box if your water heater is outdoors. We have a mild climate, so temperature is not a concern for the unit being outdoors.

The weather proof box adds about $60 to the cost and is more trouble to install. For the price of the controller, it should be indoor/outdoor. Even better would be to have the function built in to the water heater!

Advantages: small size if indoors

Disadvantages: Not suitable for outdoor use without a water proof box.
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Lee Weber
Jul 15, 2018
This customer purchased this item.
This remote control for the Navien water heater works great. It allows so much control over the heater by easy to change settings. We use it to save propane, which our heater runs on. Our heater is in the attic so without this remote, any settings change would require a climb into the attic!

Advantages: Easy settings changes and the ability to turn the heater on and off when not needed. Easy access. 1

Disadvantages: None
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