Navien GXXX001322 Condensate Neutralization Capsule


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The Navien GXXX001322 prevents damage to your drain pipes and sewers by neutralizing heater condensation.

Suitable for most brands of condensing propane or natural gas heaters (not only Navien).

The condensation produced as a by-product of burning propane or natural gas is semi-acidic and can potentially harm condensate pumps, sewer systems, waste water drain pipes. Tankless water heaters, boilers, and furnaces which are at least 93% efficient produce 1.6 gallons of acidic condensate for every 400,000 BTUs of fuel burned.

The Navien Condensate Neutralizer Cartridge Kit neutralizes the semi-acidic condensate wastewater of your high-efficiency gas or propane appliance by increasing its pH levels from of 3-4 to a more neutral level before being discharged to your drain. County building codes often require a condensate neutralizer at the drain line of high efficiency gas or propane appliances.

This item is for one heater in residential installations.


  •  All corrosion-resistant materials
  •  Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  •  1.6 gallon per hour (6.05 liter per hour) rating for single applications only. Check your heater manufacturer for the heater's condensate flow rate. A heater that uses 400,000 BTU/h running at 93% efficiency will produce approximately 1.6 gal/hr of condensate.
  •  Includes initial charge of neutralizing agent
  •  Prevents acidic condensate from corroding sewer systems and drains
  •  Suitable for use with all types of propane and natural gas appliances
  •  Volume = 0.26 gallon (1 liter)

Kit includes

  •  (1) Clear corrosion-resistant neutralizer housing/capsule filled with neutralization media
• two 3" media fill (access) openings
• female 3/4" 14NPT threaded inlet and outlet. (14NPT means 14 threads per inch.)
  •  (6) Hose clamps
  •  (1) 1/2" barbed Y-fitting
  •  (2) Base/wall mounting clamps
  •  (1) 1/2" ID 10' length vinyl tube
  •  (1) female 1/2" NPT to 1/2" hose barb fitting
  •  (2) male 3/4" NPT to 1/2" hose barb fittings


The Navien GXXX001322 replaced the obsolete old part number UA1 300001A.

Compatible with the following heaters:

NPE-S tankless water heater series including NPE-180S, NPE-210S, NPE-240S
NPE-A  tankless water heater series including NPE-180A, NPE-210A, NPE-240A
NCB and NCB-E Combi-Boiler series including NCB-150, NCB-180, NCB-210 and NCB-240; NCB-150E, NCB-180E, NCB-210E and NCB-240E
NHB Heating Boilers including NHB-55, NHB-80, NHB-110 and NHB-150
NR series including NR-180, NR-210 and NR-240; NR-180A, NR-210A and NR-240A
NP series NP-180A, NP-210A, NP-240A
CH-ASME Combi-Boiler series including CH-180-ASME, CH-210-ASME and CH-240-ASME
Any other condensate-producing heater by brands such as Noritz, Marey, Takagi, AO Smith, State, Reliance, Bosch, Eccotemp, Paloma, Rinnai, Rheem, etc.

Installation Manual Download

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: How often should I replace the neutralizing media?
A1: Once per year, using pH test strip paper or an electronic pH meter, check the pH level at the outlet of the neutralizer tank. Replace the neutralizing media when the pH level drops below the minimum level specified by the local water authority. The minimum level is commonly set at pH 6.0.

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