Navien PeakFlowE Hard Water Anti‑Scale System, GXXX001725


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Navien PeakFlowE Hard Water Anti‑Scale System, GXXX001725
Suitable for most brands of condensing propane or natural gas heaters (not only Navien).

Water heaters often stop working well or fail due to mineral scale build up inside the heat exchanger and waterways. If the heater is installed in an area with hard water, the PeakFlowE is highly recommneded to extend the life of your expensive investment.

PeakFlowE works by converting mineral ions in the water to a microscopic crystal form that does not attach to the internal surfaces of the water heater.


• This is the current, second version of the PeakFlowE
• 10 inches shorter than the first version of PeakFlowE (called the PeakFlow). Yet it has the same performance.
• Chemical and salt-free
• Quality tested under pressure at the factory
• Installs on the DHW cold supply
• For use with one heater in residential installations.
• Refer to Navien's spec sheet for water quality requirements

PeakFlow-E Replacement Media Cartridge part number for the 9.625" version, NOT the 19.875" version: GXXX001726

PeakFlowE Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: How often should I change the cartridge?
A1: Navien recommends changing the cartridge at least once every two years. If your household uses a higher volume of heated water, such as with frequent baths, or more than 4 showers per day, then change the cartridge proportionately more often.

Q2: Can I use PeakFlowE right after installing my water heater?
A2: Using the PeakFlowE right after new copper pipe is installed can shorten the life of the cartridge due to the remaining copper pieces and particles and flux. Navien recommends using a water soluble, low-corrosivity flux listed under the ASTM B813 standard.


NPE-S tankless water heater series including NPE-180S, NPE-210S, NPE-240S
NPE-A tankless water heater series including NPE-180A, NPE-210A, NPE-240A
NCB and NCB-E Combi-Boiler series including NCB-150, NCB-180, NCB-210 and NCB-240; NCB-150E, NCB-180E, NCB-210E and NCB-240E
NFC Fire Tube Combi-boilers (NFC-175, NFC-200)
NHB Heating Boilers including NHB-55, NHB-80, NHB-110 and NHB-150
NFB Heating Boilers including NFB-175, NFB-200
NFB-C boilers including NFB-301C, NFB-399C
NR series including NR-180, NR-210 and NR-240; NR-180A, NR-210A and NR-240A
NP series NP-180A, NP-210A, NP-240A
CH-ASME Combi-Boiler series including CH-180-ASME, CH-210-ASME and CH-240-ASME
Any other tankless water heater by brands such as Rinnai, Rheem, Noritz, Takagi, AO Smith, State, Reliance, Bosch, Paloma, Marey, Eccotemp, etc.

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