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A recirculation pump lets you have hot water faster, but reduces efficiency.
Increase efficiency with the HotButton.

When the hot water pipes between you and your NPE-A heater cool down, the water inside cools down too. When you turn on your hot water, you feel that unpleasant cooler (or cold) water. Recirc pumps keep the water hot. But they use energy.

HotButton solves this problem. When you push the HotButton button, your NPE-A unit's internal recirculation pump and gas-fired burner activate to heat up the water in the supply lines. In moments, that cold water is gone. You won't need to run the water until it gets hot. This saves you water and money.


• Activate the NPE-A series pump with a remote switch
• Provides on demand recirculation
• Requires a recirculation pipe line
• Compatible with NPE-A series tankless water heater models (NPE-180A, NPE-210A and NPE-240A) with PCB version KDC-330-5M P20 and newer
• Not compatible with:
- PCB version KDC-330-5M P12 (installed in older NPE units)
- cascading, multi-unit installations
• California Title 24 compliant

Alert: The NaviLink scheduling function is disabled with the HotButton installed. So, adding the HotButton to supplement a schedule set up on the NaviLink app (such as immediately starting the recirc system by pushing the HotButton) will not work. Here is the way to get the HotButton function with the NaviLink, without having a Hot Button. Simply disable the weekly schedule. The system will revert to 24/7 recirculation and starts immediately (like the Hot Button).

HotButton Control Kit Contents

Navien HotButton Control Board
13-pin cable connector to control board on Navien NPE 180A, NPE-210A NPE-240A Water Heaters
Temperature Sensor for Hot Button only, item number GXXX001640
Push Button model number GXXX001426
Wall Plate item number GXXX001427
Installation Manual (click to download pdf)

HotButton to NPE-A connection wire length is 10 feet and can extended up to 100 feet with 18 gauge thermostat wire.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Do I need the Hot Button PCB board only to remotely turn the recirc pump on and off with the NaviLink app?
A1: Yes

Q2: Continuing with the question above, do I need the Hot Button's button and wiring from it to the Hot Button PCB board to remotely turn the recirc pump on and off with the NaviLink app?
A2: No. Only the Hot Button circuit board installed is needed.

Q3: I want to control the recirculation pump with the NaviLink app. After the Hotbutton is installed, and the user is miles away from home, does someone need to push the HotButton's button to activate the recirc pump?
A3: No, the user can press the HotButton function on the app and the NPE-A unit will start recirculation. Of course, the HotButton must be installed for that function to work.

Q4: Do you have to push the button to turn off recirculation function?
A4: No, once the water reaches your set temperature, then the pump will stop recirculating.

Q5: Does the button light up while on?
A5: No the button does not light up. But on the Navien unit, an icon on the screen indicates the recirculation status.

Q6: Can the NR-20DU and HotButton both work when connected to the same unit?
A6: Yes, partially. When you install the HotButton, it will disable all timing mechanisms on the unit. So if you have scheduled recirculation times on the NR-20DU remote controller, the unit will not recirculate. It will only recirculate when the HotButton is pushed to recirculate. Otherwise, the other functions of the NR-20DU will work.

Q7: On the NR-20DU remote controller, can I just press recirculation mode like the HotButton, or can I only set a specified time?
A7: You can only set a schedule on the remote.

Q8: How many specified times can you set?
A8: You can set up to three recirculation times per day, for example 8 am to 10 am, 2 pm to 4 pm, and 6 pm to 8 pm.

Q9: Are the time settings daily or can you pick certain days like all weekend?
A9: The HotButton is a daily timer, and it can't be set to run for less than seven days per week. However, that feature is available with the NaviLink Wi-Fi router.

Q10: Is the NaviLink required to use the HotButton?
A10: No.

Q11: If I want three HotButtons do I need three control boards?
A11: You only need one control board for up to ten HotButtons.

Q12: Does the Hot Button turn off the recirc pump in my NPE240A until I push the Hotbutton? This is my understanding. I use way too much gas running the recirc pump throughout the day, keeping the water hot. If I understand this correctly, this Hotbutton disables the recirc function until the button is pushed, and then you can adjust the one-time run time from 1 to 5 minutes depending on length of run of the water line.
A12: Yes, your understanding is correct: The HotButton is like a "kill switch" to any scheduled recirculation feature. After the HotButton is installed, unless the HotButton is pressed, recirculation is disabled, even if a schedule is activated on the control panel.

Installation Help and Recommendations

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John Bayne
Nov 12, 2019
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Did the wiring and button installation myself. Had to have the Plummer program the computer.

Advantages: Water is hot when we need it. Every time. We will be enjoying it for many years.

Disadvantages: Wiring and Hot Buttons are not easy to install
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