Navien PFMZ SmartZone 2 3 4 6 Zone Relay Switch NHB NCB NFC NFB boiler


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MPN: PFMZ-06P-001

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Navien SmartZone+ Controller Pump Control for 2, 3, 4 or 6 Zones.
Use for any manufacturer's boiler that is installed in a multi-zone space heating application.

Now it is easy to integrate any boiler into a zoned hydronic system with pumps. Use these controllers to customize your zoned heating system. The FMZ-40 communicates between your boiler and up to six zone pumps. Your settings can improve system efficiency.

Choose from 2, 3, 4 and 6 zone controller models in the menu above.


♦ Advanced, built-in display with system status and diagnostics
♦ Compatible with boilers (using TT contacts) and pumps of all manufacturers
♦ Use multiple SmartZone+ controllers to control up to 24 zones
♦ Setting for DHW (domestic hot water) priority
♦ Purge time settings
♦ Freeze protection using an indoor temperature sensor
♦ Manual pump control
♦ Automatic air purge
♦ Advanced user modes allow you to further customize your system

These zone pump controllers are compatible with both Navien NHB Series gas-fired boilers, NCB Series combi-boilers, NFC Fire Tube Combi-boilers, and NFB boilers

This item can only turn pumps on and off, and cannot switch on and off valves.

FAQ ("Frequently Asked Question")

Q1: I've seen part numbers for the 6 zone controller as PFMZ-06-001 and PFMZ-06P-001. Are these different products? What the "P" stand for?
A1: Navien tech support has confirmed that they used both item number schema interchangeably in the past. Examples:
PFMZ-02-001, PFMZ-03-001, PFMZ-04-001 and PFMZ-06-001. However, as of 2018, they are using only the item numbers containing the P, and references to the item numbers without the P are no longer shown on Navien's resources. The manual refers to this item as FMZ.

Q2: Will this zone controller turn the zone pumps OFF if the Navien NHB boiler turns off when the outdoor temperature exceeds the preset point in the boiler? Right now I am using a generic controller, and when the boiler turns off because the outdoor temp is higher than what I have the boiler set at, then the zone pumps will continue to run even though the boiler is off.
A2: Yes, the SmartZone+ will turn zone pumps off in response to outdoor temperature sensor signals. That is one of the functions it is designed for.

Q3: Will this zone controller control zone valves?
A3: No. For that we recommend a Taco zone valve controller.

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robert fredenburg
Jan 18, 2020
This customer purchased this item.
This zone pump controller works great with the navien boiler. One thing to note is that this doesnt come with the navi link cable (which it should in my opinion). They do that because this unit can be used interchangeably with other boilers, but still, for the money spent on this item, a cord should not make or break navien's bank.

Advantages: Works great for a navien boiler. Can be used to control a generic boiler with a boiler pump if needed.

Disadvantages: Doesnt come with the communication cable
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Sep 14, 2016
This customer purchased this item.
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Jul 3, 2016
This customer purchased this item.
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