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Item # Navien Item Name Price
NPE-150S Navien NPE-150S NG/LP Indoor/Outdoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater $897.95
NPE-180A Navien NPE-180A NG/LP Indoor/Outdoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater $1,231.00
NPE-180S Navien NPE-180S NG/LP Indoor/Outdoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater $1,269.00
NPE-210A Navien NPE-210A NG/LP Indoor/Outdoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater $1,393.00
NPE-210S Navien NPE-210S NG/LP Indoor/Outdoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater $1,136.00
NPE-240A Navien NPE-240A NG/LP Indoor/Outdoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater $1,514.00
NPE-240S Navien NPE-240S NG/LP Indoor/Outdoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater $1,361.00
NCB150E Navien NCB-150E Condensing Combination Water Heater/Boiler $2,100.00
NCB180E Navien NCB-180E Condensing Combination Water Heater/Boiler $2,088.00
NCB210E Navien NCB-210E Condensing Combination Water Heater/Boiler $2,269.00
NCB240E Navien NCB-240E Condensing Combination Water Heater/Boiler $2,404.00
NFC175 Navien NFC-175 Fire-tube Condensing Combination Water Heater/Boiler $3,295.00
NFC200 Navien NFC-200 Fire-tube Condensing Combination Water Heater/Boiler $3,495.00
NHB-110 Navien NHB-110 110,000 BTU LP/NG Condensing Gas Boiler $1,902.00
NHB-150 Navien NHB-150 150,000 BTU LP/NG Condensing Gas Boiler $2,087.00
NHB-55 Navien NHB-55 55,000 BTU LP/NG Condensing Gas Boiler $1,791.00
NHB-80 Navien NHB-80 80,000 BTU LP/NG Condensing Gas Boiler $1,889.00
30022965A Navien NaviCirc 30022965A Recirc Valve Kit, NPE-180A NPE-210A NPE-240A $84.95
PBCM-AS-001 NaviLink App & Wi-Fi Control, Navien combi-boiler/tankless/boiler $179.95
30009757A Navien NR-20DU Remote Control for NPE Water Heaters $79.71
GFFM-MCOZUS-001 Navien NCB Series Quick Install Primary Manifold Kit, GFFMMCOZUS-001 $209.95
GFFM-MSOZUS-001 Navien NHB Series Primary Manifold Kit, GFFM-MSOZUS-001 $209.63
GXXX001417 Navien NHB/NCB Supply & Return Temperature Sensors, GXXX001417 $39.95
30000181A 30000181A PCB/Controller board, Navien CH series Heater, KDC-323 $189.95
30011282A Front Cover, Navien NPE A Series Models (NPE-240A, NPE-210A, NPE-180A) $59.61
30015929A Front Cover, Navien NPE S Series Models (NPE-240S, NPE-210S, NPE-180S) $79.95
GXXX001328 Media Refill for Navien Light Commercial Condensate Neutralizer $67.95
10001996A Navien 10001996A Condensate Neutralizer Cartridge $109.77
30005017A Navien 30005017A Heat Exchanger for NCB NCB-E CH210 CH240 $98.81
30008245A Navien 30008245A Water Adjustment Valve, NPE-180A, NPE-210A, NPE-240A $54.95
30010604A Navien 30010604A Outside Vent Kit for all NPE units $54.95
30010780B Navien 30010780B Circulation Pump for NPE-A, NPE-S series $162.95
30012633A Navien 30012633A Pipe Cover for NPE-180A, NPE-180S $109.95
30012634A Navien 30012634A Pipe Cover for NPE series (NPE-240A/S 210A/S 180A/S) $119.95
30014367A Navien 30014367A Common Vent Collar Kit & Damper NPE NHB NFC $46.95
GXXX001323 Navien Condensate Neutralizer Cartridge Replacement Media Refill $37.42
GXXX001325 Navien Condensate Neutralizer Kit, 16 Units, Commercial $449.95
GXXX001324 Navien Condensate Neutralizer Kit, 6 Units, Light-duty Commercial $292.62
GXXX001319 Navien External Pump Extension Wire, NPE-240A NPE-240S NPE180A etc $16.95
30004684A Navien Flame Rod Ass'y Assembly LP KANTHAL APM $29.00
30011586B Navien Gas Valve for NPE, NHB, NCB, NCB-E $98.61
GXXX001322 Navien GXXX001322 Condensate Neutralization Capsule $85.95
PNBD-000001 Navien H2Air ComfortAir+ Kit AHU Optimizer PNBD-000001, NPE-A models $123.93
PZZZ-00046 Navien HotButton Recirc Pump Control for NPE-A Series, PZZZ-00046 $89.12
GXXX001659 Navien NaviLink Replacement Cable $39.95
30000609A Navien NR-10DU Remote Control for NR, NP, CR, CC Water Heaters $119.40
30000619A Navien NR-10P Remote Control for CH-ASME Water Heaters $105.24
30012950A Navien Outdoor Temperature Sensor & Wire 30012950A $60.95
PFMZ-0x-001 Navien PFMZ SmartZone 2 3 4 6 Zone Relay Switch NHB NCB NFC NFB boiler $229.95
30010950A Navien Plumb Easy 1" Isolation Valves for boilers, 30010950A $99.21
30009323A Navien Plumb Easy 3/4" Isolation Valves & Relief Valve Kit Lead-Free $98.76
30012581A Navien Plumb Easy 3/4" Valve Kit, Low Profile Version for Pipe Covers $109.00
GFFM-SKTZUS-001 Navien Secondary Supply/Return Manifold Kit, GFFM-SKTZUS-001 $235.00
30004834B Navien Water Adjustment Valve 30004834B, NR/NP/CC/CR heaters $86.44
30017406A NaviLink Conversion Kit to upgrade older Navien NCB series Combi-Boilers $204.95
30017407A NaviLink Conversion Kit to upgrade older Navien NHB series boilers $269.95
30017405A NaviLink Conversion Kit to upgrade older Navien NPE series tankless $269.23
30011690E PCB/Controller board 30011690E 30011690D Navien NPE series $163.95
30000182A PCB/Controller board, Navien NR NP CC CR series tankless water heater $163.95
GXXX001329 Replacement Media Refill, Navien Commercial Condensate Neutralizer $104.95

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