Panic Mouse Inc.

Panic Mouse Inc.

Company Background


According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), there's one cat owner in every three homes in the US. The latest consensus report shows that 34.7 million households have cats with a total of over 74 million cats. In fact, 37 million cats get Christmas gifts from owners and over 13 million have their birthdays celebrated.

Those who love cats are kind and loving people that treat their cats like family. The simple fact that cat owners buy holiday and birthday gifts for their cats proves this point. Their research concluded that there aren't enough exciting cat toys out in the market to choose from. Keeping this in mind, their engineering team  has set out to develop some of the most exciting electronic and interactive cat toys which the pet industry has ever witnessed.

Their goal with the Panic Mouse line of toys was to simulate movements that are human-like by developing a computer board which drives an electronic motor. The computer board then forces the motor to change to different directions in unpredictable jerking motions, making it unlike any other cat toy in the market. It's these quick jerking motions that keep cats interested for several hours. They are pleased to share these toys with cat owners and lovers!

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