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Get a custom fit to your bra, quickly and easily.

Rixie Clip extends or tightens (as you need) your bra bands. Stop tossing bras that no longer fit quite right! Or, take your Rixie Clip to the store, and get that gorgeous bra that has the perfect look, but not in your size. It's a bra fit revolution.

Rixie Clip 2 Hook
Rixie Clip 2 Hook

Tighten your bra band up to two band sizes smaller in minutes

Unlike sewing alterations that take time and are costly and permanent, Rixie Clip is affordable and fully adjustable. Rixie Clip is detachable, so you can use it for multiple bras.

Rixie Clip saves your money by tightening and rejuvenating the bra bands on those expensive bras that you were going to toss. Rixie Clip puts you back in control of how your bras fit.

Rixie Clip was developed in the USA by individual inventors Dixie Telisak and Rick Acker. Dixie struggled to find bras that fit her properly without spending a fortune. Her small stature required a 28 band size, making it hard to find stores with bras that fit her. Over time, Rick and Dixie developed a product that solves the problem. Rixie Clip was born, and now has a patent for the design.


♥ Can be used on any two-hook bra band
♥ Lies flat and invisibly underneath your clothing
♥ Fully adjustable. You can change the tightness/looseness setting as often as you wish.
♥ Buy the Rixie Clip in Single Pack or Three-pack

Rixie Clip is a revolutionary, first of it's kind, bra band tightener.


1. Slide Rixie Clip over your existing bra band.
2. Adjust it so that the tightness is comfortable for you.
3. Snap it into place. Done!

Now, use Rixie Clip like your existing bra band, except now you have a personalized, custom fit. Your existing bra band lies flat, underneath Rixie Clip, so your original bra by itself stays unaltered.


Colors: White, Black or Nude
Size: 2 hook with 3/4 inch spacing
The bar of the clip is 1.75'' wide
Care instructions: Do not machine wash.

Rixie Clip 2 Hook


"I bought one of these clips because my nursing bra was a little big in the band and nursing bras are very expensive ($70 each, the ones that suit me). So I ordered this hoping it would save me from buying another bra. It worked good. I recommend this product to any woman whose bra band is too large".
- Rachel in Huron, OH

"This is a life saviour to me! Now I can buy bras anywhere (la senza, Victorias secret etc) not just in specialty stores or online
Very affordable and easy to put on and take off bra
Keeps the band tight- no slippage even at nightime
Fast packaging and delivery".
- Kathy in Santa Barbara, CA

"This bra band tightener works great. I have 2 strapless bras that I have never worn before because they didn't stay up. I saw this clip online and decided to try it and I'm very happy I did! The Rixie Clip is easy to take on and off, it stays in place perfectly and it does exactly what it is designed to do! I will recommend it to friends and family for sure!"
- Jessica in Miami Beach, FL

"I recently lost some weight and discarded many bras as the band was too loose for me, even if I put it on the tightest setting. Luckily I read about the Rixie Clip, and I thought I should give it a try since it's much cheaper than a new bra. Now I wish I had kept all those old bras, because this magic clip solved that problem completely! It's simple to use: just open the clip, slide it on the band over the existing hooks, place it as tight as you like, and lock it by closing it shut. Your bra is ready to use! I've tightened many of my older bras by 3-4 inches using this clip. I'm happy I can do that now without having to sew as I am not the best seamstress! It's very comfortable from the minute I locked it in place completely straight. On one instance I had by mistake put it on a bit crooked and I could feel it pushing at my back. When I made sure it was completely parallel everything was perfect. I hand wash my bras after every use and dry the clip carefully just to make sure it doesn't rust. I have faced just one problem with my Rixie Clip: I have one satin bra and the clip couldn't stay in place. During the day it slid out of place and my bra loosened up. But I have used the clip on 4 or 5 other bras with no problems, so I still give it 5 stars for how great it works".
- Rosa in Dallas, TX

"I avoid writing reviews but in this occassion I am just so impressed with this magic gadget, that I felt compelled. Recently I lost a substantial amount of weight and I am still losing. My bra band size logically went down, yet the volume of my breasts remained the same and my cup size has gone from DD to H. That size requires special ordering online and I don't want to spend $70+ on a bra that won't fit in a few months. Then I found the perfect solution: The Rixie Clip. I would say that the gripper is a little harsh on lace bands, but keeping in mind that this is a temporary solution until my weight is stable, I am more than satisfied with that".
- Shantelle in Atlanta, GA

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