iHeat Drakken S Series Electric Tankless Heaters S-16, S-14, S-12, S9


Weight: 10.00 lbs
MPN: S-16

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iHeat logoIdeal for boats, hospitals, condos, cabins, studios, apartments, clinics, schools, and pool house - anywhere you need hot water! Choose from among different kilowatt and amperage models in the menu: S-4, S-7, S-9, S-12, S-14 and S-16


• Saves water
• No venting required
• Saves valuable space
• New flow technology
• Waterproof control pad
• Select output temperature from 82°F to 140°F
• Endless supply of hot water
• Great for beach/marine locations

• Digital display in Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Saves up to 60% on water heating cost
• Small enough for installation anywhere
• Microprocessor for advanced power modulation
• Complies with all Canadian and USA safety standards
• Heat exchangers and enclosure are ASTM 304 stainless steel
• Easy grip fittings on outlet and inlet for ease of installation
• ETL certified to UL 499 standard
• Certified Lead-Free to NSF drinking water standard

ETL certified

Tank vs. Tankless Heaters

Descriptions 40 Gallon Tank Tankless Heater
Estimated Lifespan 10 Years 20 Years
Energy Efficiency 0.85 EF 0.99 EF
Hot Water Supply 70% of Capacity Endless Supply
Kilowatt Usage / Yr. 4857 Kw/Hrs. 2618 Kw/Hrs.
Heat recovery Yes No
Standby Loss 20% No Loss
12 Month Operation Cost $556.00 $309.00


S-4, S-7 S-9, S-12, S-14, S-16
Dimensions 11.5" x 7.7" x 3.5"
Weight 6.5 lbs. 8 lbs.
Cover ASTM Stainless Steel
Body/Heat Exchanger ASTM 304 Stainless Steel
Element 1 Brass Flange, Copper rod

2 Brass Flanges, Copper rods

Pipe fittings 1/2" compression
Activation flow rate 0.5 gallons per minute
Operation Pressure 25 to 150 PSI
Warranty 1 year on heating elements. 3 years on components.
Limited lifetime on heat exchanger

Temperature in °F at given flow rates
Model KW Volts Amps Breaker
HZ AWG# Current
S-4 3.5 120V 30 30 50/60 10-2 Single 24 - - - - - -
S-7 6.7 240V 30 30 50/60 10-2 Single 48 32 24 - - - -
S-9 8.9 220V 41 40 50/60 8-2 Single 61 41 32 24 20 - -
S-12 12.4 220V 56 60 50/60 6-2 Single 82 54 41 33 27 23 20
S-14 13 220V 59 60 50/60 6-2 Single 95 62 48 38 32 27 24
S-16 16 240V 66 70 50/60 6-2 Single 109 73 54 44 36 31 27


User Manual
Product Warranty
Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: Can I install this outdoors?
A1: In the manufacturer's user manual (link above) it states, "Product is also IPX4 water proof." IPX4 is an international waterproof rating that means the unit can be exposed to rain. Also, in the manual's Features section it states, "Water Proof Control Pad. Great for Marine, and or Beach Locations".

Note that the installing electrician must ensure that the wiring connection to the unit is properly insulated from moisture. Also, before the unit is exposed to freezing temperatures, be sure to remove all moisture from the heater's waterways.

Q2: Which heating elements should I buy when I need to replace them? If they are different wattages, in which slot do each go?
A2: Below is the guide:
M-12 and S12: One 6000 Watt element on the right side and one 5000 Watt element on the left side.

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4 most useful customer reviews
carol ross
Jun 21, 2018
This customer purchased this item.
I’m loving mine! Thank you for all ur help and support! Will be buying 2 more for my parents soon!

Advantages: Cost efficient and no more waiting for hot water

Disadvantages: Had to upgrade wiring and breaker but it was worth it
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Brian G
Oct 27, 2020
This customer purchased this item.
Feels sturdy. Works great so far.

Advantages: Maximum heating from a single heavy gauge wire.

Disadvantages: Not a very big deal but the temperature only adjusts in one degree Celsius increments and 2 degrees Fahrenheit increments.
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David L Gardner
Aug 5, 2019
This customer purchased this item.
The unit is the best one I have had. Far superior to the previous ones that I have used. Would recommend this model to others. GadgetsGo was also outstanding to do business with. Would highly recommend them also.

Advantages: Temp Control

Disadvantages: None
Loading...Was this review useful to you? Yes (2) / No (0)
Feb 11, 2016
This customer purchased this item.
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