Marey Santon Electric Tankless Water Heater


Weight: 5.00 lbs

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Marey Santon Electric Tankless Water HeaterMarey Tankless Water HeatersConsidering its incredible efficiency, we are impressed by the Santon unit. Here is why: At 220V, the Santon unit is pulling an impressive 8800 watts. That's equivalent to 30,034 BTU. Santon's water absorption of the BTU is between 27,500 and 29,800 BTU depending on the water flow rate. This means that the heater is working between an amazing 91 to 99% efficiency rate. It's a little powerhouse!

If you duplicated the heat exchanger in the Santon unit on a larger and adjustable scale of two units installed together, you will get a very exceptional performance out of your installation, as most water heaters available currently work at a lower, less-efficient 87% energy efficiency rate.


• Reduced size allows installation just about anywhere
• Sophisticated safety features
• UL certified
• Provides endless and instant hot water
• Activated with low water pressure
• Easy installation and use
• 5 year warranty

Technical Specifications

Voltage 220v or 240v
Power 9Kw
Amperage 37.5A
Wire Size 8 AWG
Activation Flow Rate 0.66 to 1.47 GPM
Maximum Flow Rate 3 GPM
Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Dimensions 7.8" x 6.1" x 3.5"
Weight 5 lbs
DOE Energy Factor (EF Rating) Regulation 10 CFR 430.32(d) Compliance: 0.97

Marey Tankless Water HeatersTemperature Increase

Water Output (in GPM)
1.0 1.25 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 5.0
Temp. Increase (in °F) 56 44 39 27 23 18 16 14 11

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