SaySo Binder Clip + Secret Voice Note Recorder. 3-pack


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Liven up the office with a funny recording that you send with those papers.
Frustrated by sticky notes that don't stay put?
Need to express something in a way that a written note just won't do as well?

Use a SaySo clip.

SaySo clip is the original voice-recording binder clips that lets you work better and faster.

The patented SaySo clip is the combination of a binder clip and a voice recorder. No need to write a message on a sticky pad. Just say it and clip it. Now you can simply attach your voice message to a document to efficiently and reliably give instructions or advice.


Simply hold down the red record button while speaking into the clip to record any message, up to 10 seconds long. Press and release the green play button to hear the audio. Finally, bind any documents together with the clip, or just attach the clip to a document and give it to whoever needs it.

Invention Backstory

This invention was born from the frustration of a patent attorney, Konstantin (Konny) Caploon. Konny always had to write messages on sticky notes, stick them on documents, attach the documents to files with binder clips, and pass them along to his secretary for further action. Not only did the messages take time to write, but they would often fall off and get lost or put in the wrong place. Oh no. Which sticky note goes with which file?? Arrgh.

Then one day, while holding a binder clip in one hand and writing on a sticky note with the other, Konny looked at the clip and imagined the convenience of speaking into it to record his message.... And so, an invention was born: voice recording binder clips.

Now anyone can enjoy the convenience of the SaySo brand voice clips, the embodiment of an idea and a dream.

You get 3 SaySo clips for $9.99.

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