Selkirk Corporation

Selkirk Corporation

Robert Williams and William Wallace started the William-Wallace Co. in the 1920's. Although the company began by producing rain gutters, blue stove pipes and other metal building products, they quickly started producing new and innovative products.  Their first successful invention was a light metal chimney for venting called "Metalbest."

By the 1940's, Metalbest was the industry standard in exhausting gas fired products. In 1959, the William-Wallace Company opened an office in Logan, OH, and the following year, Selkirk was bought. By 1964, Selkirk-Canada has become a wholly owned subsidiary and started to sell in the European market.

Following years of being called Metalbest, the venting company was finally renamed Metalbest Systems, and in 1978 a new plant in Nampa, ID was built. The Metalbest Systems companies based in the US and Canada were eventually merged into Selkirk-Metalbest. The new company set high standards and created the Canadan industry standard in wood stove chimney safety in 1982.

In 1998, Airmate, a grilles and registers company, merged with Selkirk-Metalbest, creating Selkirk Inc. To extend their market and range in Canada, Selkirk and SuperVent merged to become the Selkirk Canada Corporation.

In 2006, Tomkins PLc acquired Selkirk-Metalbest and renamed it Selkirk Corporation. In 2011, Selkirk engineers developed the UltimateONE all-fuel chimney system. In November 2012, Air Distribution Technologies purchased Selkirk Corp. In June of 2014, Johnson Controls, Inc purchased Air Distribution Technologies.