ShowerBow Inc.


\"patrick-raymond_hi-res.jpg\" Patrick is a first-time inventor. After college, we was content in a good career … until exasperation with a clingy shower curtain became a daily nuisance he could no longer tolerate. Naturally, his idea came to him while standing in the shower one day. He wanted to enjoy more space, without having to install a curved rod, which requires bolts in tile and bulges into the rest of the bathroom. Instead, he imagined a counterweight that would fit on top of his standard shower rod and tip back when not in use. He made a prototype out of a wire hanger and office stapler as counterweight. It worked, gently expanding the curtain without lifting it out of the tub. He conducted a national survey to gauge consumer demand. It turned out he wasn’t alone: out of 123 million residential showers with curtains in the US, bathers feel crowded 43% of the time!

Patrick took a leap of faith and quit his job. He then spent months in talks with manufacturers, trying to license his idea. Although interested, they all ultimately declined because ShowerBow didn’t fit neatly into existing categories like curtains, rods or caddies. They also felt that it was too risky to invest in developing such an “unproven” and revolutionary product. They were already deeply invested in curved rods. Patrick remained undeterred. He was sure his idea was viable. His savings depleted, he maxed out his credit cards on legal fees and living expenses as he crafted a business plan to attract private investors. ShowerBow Inc. was funded in April 2006. Next, he assembled a talented team of designers, marketers and secured international manufacturing. The result is a stylish, functional and consumer-friendly product. National retailers now agree that ShowerBow is an ingenious, affordable and simpler way of creating more shower space. Recently, Patrick demonstrated the ShowerBow in a video featuring The Naked Cowboy singing in the shower … with his guitar!

Patrick’s passion and persistence in navigating the treacherous waters of new product development enabled him to accomplish what many said was impossible. Throughout, he avoided inventor “scams” and appeared as a guest-lecturer for the United Inventors Association ( In December 2007, he was elected to its Board of Directors. He also founded the Inventors Association of Manhattan ( as a local UIA chapter.

The ShowerBow® is sold with a 30-day money back guarantee.