Sip & Dip Cookie Dipper

Sip & Dip Cookie Dipper

Tired of cookies that fall to the bottom of the cup while you dunkthem in milk?

As a child growing up, maybe you too were once a victim of milk soaked fingers and crumbling cookies. As an avid cookie dunker, The Sip & Dip inventor had to fetch cookie pieces out from his glass of milk shortly after the cookie absorbed far too much milk and began to disintegrate into a million tiny pieces. But, take heart young kids, there's a solution for that! No longer will you lose cookies into a milky white abyss, never to be seen again.

Inventor David Kowlessar presents us with a device which keeps your fingers off the milk while protecting the cookie from falling down to the bottom of the cup. For good measure, the gadget even includes a straw for that all-in-one delightful cookie dunking experience

Sip & Dip Cookie Dipper & Straw For Children
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