Amazing Cat Feeder Robot. Has cat face recognition.


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This cat feeder has facial recognition that lets control your cat's eating amount and times.

The problem

Made in AmericaThe inventors of the Amazing Cat Feeder Robot had two cats: Mr. Smith, who was spending too much time at the feeding dish and Harlowe, a petite eater who kept her figure by walking away from the dish on her own. 

Mr. Smith got too much food. Not good. Often, no food remained when Harlowe came back to have a snack. Not good.

The automatic cat feeders available on the market worked only in single cat homes. They had no way to set different feeding times for different cats. 

Amazing Cat Feeder Robot. Has cat face recognition.The solution

They needed a cat feeder that could recognize Mr. Smith and Harlowe, to allow them control over how much each of them could eat. Thus, the Amazing Cat Feeder Robot was invented. It recognizes each cat, helping Mr. Smith with his overeating, while letting Harlowe eat at her more casual timing and pace.

How it works

First, you enter information about each cat in the Amazing Cat Feeder Robot's user-friendly Android app. Indicate the time period that each cat can eat.

Then, let each cat to eat for a minute, allowing the facial recognition software to calibrate by taking pictures of your cats. After that, just restart the app and you're all set.

The next time a cat comes to eat, the feeder will recognize him/her, and the timer will start. After the allowed feeding time is up, the food bin lid will close. The lid will remain closed until the interval you have set. Then it will open again, making food available for the next cat. The Amazing Cat Feeder Robot will recognize the next cat that arrives to eat, and allow him/her to eat for the duration you set.

Amazing Cat Feeder Robot. Has cat face recognition.  


  •  Easy to program
  •  Works best with dry food
  •  Made and assembled in USA
  •  Powered by the included AC power adapter
  •  Included LED lighting allows use in dark rooms
  •  Recognizes up to three different cats automatically
  •  Feeds each cat according to their individual schedule, which you specify.
  •  Currently available at a very low introductory price, including a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Amazing Cat Feeder Robot. Has cat face recognition.
Amazing Cat Feeder Robot. Has cat face recognition.
 Amazing Cat Feeder Robot. Has cat face recognition.


  •  Food bowl/bin capacity: 1.75 cups
  •  Material: PLA
  •  Weighs 1.7 lbs.
  •  Dimensions: 6.7 in (17 cm) high; 5.5 in (14 cm) wide; 8.3 in (21 cm) deep

Package Contents

  •  1 pet feeder
  •  1 AC power adapter
  •  1 Android computer with the Amazing Cat Feeder software app pre-installed

Please allow two weeks for delivery.


Q1: How precise is the face recognition the the cat feeder? We have 4 cats of the same breed that looks very much like each other if you're not looking very carefully.
A1: Two separate issues here: number of cats and similarity of cats. 
First, the Amazing Cat Feeder Robot is only set up to handle three cats maximum.
Second, the Amazing Cat Feeder Robot works well to recognize cats that look a little different. But, it probably won't reliably recognize cats that look almost identical. If a stranger (someone who doesn't know the cats) couldn't tell the cats apart, the feeder probably won't either. The Cat Feeder Robot uses an advanced system called Principle Component Analysis to identify cats' faces, which can pick up information (such as body position) in a more sophisticated way than simple color patterns.

Q2: What happens when the lid closes while the cat is face-down-munching on dinner and isn't ready to quit?
A2: We got that covered: If you have one pet who is very determined to keep eating, and not particularly nervous in general, s/he might not be bothered by the lid closing on his/her head. Another pet might be nervous and back away if the lid moves at all. To address this difference in cat disposition, the Amazing Cat Feeder Robot has a "Disposition" setting, which can be set to "bold" or "cautious". With the "bold" setting, the lid closes in a "two steps forward, one step back" way, in five steps: the door closes partially, opens a little, then closes some more, until completely closed. This gives Bold cat a chance to back away without getting his head caught under the door. For more timid felines, you can use the "cautious" setting, which just closes the door slowly and continuously, without any jerky movements.

Amazing Cat Feeder Robot. Has cat face recognition.

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