The Strapper

The Strapper

About a decade ago a then 24 year old Michelle Ostaseski went out for a night on the town at a local establishment on Long Island, N.Y.


In walked a group of girls that were wearing racer-back tanks and not a care in the world about exposing their bra straps.

Michelle wished she could say something to them, but how do you bring up the subject?

“It’s like when people have something in their teeth, i didn’t want to embarrass them,

“pass the pretzels and by the way your bra strap is showing”


The next day riding the LIRR returning home from work, Michelle couldn’t get the visible bra straps out of her head.  

So she started drawing on her paperwork, "I thought about something that would bring in the straps.  Should I reinvent the bra? or how about a piece that would renovate your own bra, but not for good?


She needed to find a solution to this bra she turned to the ultimate provider of tank tops and bras - her credit cards!


Michelle experimented by cutting up her old credit cards and created a device that pulls a woman’s bra straps together in the back.

Doing this hides the bra straps from view when a woman wears a sleeveless tank top.


She called her invention The Strapper.  


Returns / Exchanges

We stand behind our product 100%.

We want you to love The Strapper as much as we do.

If you are not satisfied with The Strapper simply return it!

A full refund will be issued once we receive the original invoice and product. Be sure to include a note so we know to exchange/return it.

If The Strapper breaks within 6 months, no problem! Send it back and we 
will replace it. (Only same color and size will be replaced)