Voltheat Maxima Nylon Battery-heated Insulated Winter Mitt


Retail Price: $195.00
Weight: 2.50 lbs
Color: Gray
Material: Nylon
Size: S,L

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Warmer than gloves. Quick to put on and take off.
It's perfect for really cold weather outdoors activities.

Mittens are warmer than gloves. But Volt Maxima heated mitts are even warmer, thanks to the combination of 120 grams of Thinsulate with the Zero Layer heating system which concentrates heat on both sides of the hand so your fingertips are heated as well.

When you need serious warmth but with quick take on / take off to use your hands, then buy the Maxima mittens. Use them in the stands at a ballgame, on the slopes, or frozen lake fishing on a frosty spring morning. Our Maxima will never leave you out in the cold.


  •  Waterproof, breathable membrane will keep hands warm and dry
  •  Great for all snow sports and outside winter activities.
  •  Zero Layer® heat system reduces bulk and maximizes heat transfer
  •  Heats the back of your hand, and the palm of your hand including the thumb
  •  4 level microprocessor controller to regulate heat at your desired heat output
  •  Digital leather palm for extra grip and durability
  •  Soft tricot fleece lining
  •  Includes two 7.4v 2900mAh batteries and charger
  •  Provides over 150°F of soothing heat for 3 hours at the highest setting or 12 hours at the lowest setting.

Finding your mitt size

1. Measure your hand in inches as shown below to determine your hand circumference.
2. Use the chart to find the appropriate mitten size.

Tatra Heated/Insulated Snow/Ski/Winter Gloves

Measure completely around the middle of the hand

Volt Mitt Size Chart
  inches CM inches CM
XSmall 6 16    
Small 7  18  6-6.5 16
Medium 7.5-8 20   7-7.5 18
Large 8.5-9 23   8-8.5 21
XL 9.5-10  25    
2XL 10-10.5  27    

Go up to the next largest size if you are
in between sizes or have longer fingers.



The heating elements in the Volt Maxima at room temperature of 68°F to 70°F measure up to 150°F. The temperature is measured on top of the inside lining that is over the heating panel. This sounds burning hot but that heat is diffused by the material between the heating elements and the wearer's skin. Although water or metals at these temperatures will burn skin, fabric is not a good conductor of heat. Instead, it is the opposite: an insulator. That is why you can reach into a dryer and pull out clothing at over 250 degrees and not get burned. But if you touch a zipper it will burn skin.

Approximate Battery Run Time per Power Level

100% High – 3 hours
75% Med/High – 6 hours
50% Medium – 9 hours
25% Low – 12 hours

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