Weed Spinner LLC

Weed Spinner LLC

Purpose of the Weed Spinner & Inventor Background

After 39 years of teaching, specialized projects, and administration at a Technical College, Vern Ader retired at  81.  He has invented and marketed several products since then, such as hand and electric aluminum can crushers, a rebound stability system for exercise, a golf ball retriever, etc.  In 1980, he won the "Wisconsin Governor's Award for Energy Innovation". He holds several patents and does patenting and marketing seminars.

The Weed Spinner

Vern, after having watched the Billy Mays' Awesome Auger Commercial, ordered the awesome auger and tested it, but he knew that there had to be an even BETTER MOUSE TRAP for removing weeds.  The awesome auger had a lot of short comings, like a two piece drive shaft that wobbled and was so short that it required bending over for use.     
Vern built and tested many prototypes for weed removal and until the final product, the WEED SPINNER, was created.  The beauty of the weed spinner is that it fits easily into any cordless or electric drill, has a 30" drive shaft for easy stand up use, and spins the weeds out with the roots and off the cutter head.

Weed Spinner Gardening Tool for Getting Rid of Weeds
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