Mother's Hand Headrest: Child carseat/stroller safety


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 Child safety problemMother's Hand Headrest: Child carseat/stroller safety

The solutionMother's Hand Headrest: Child carseat/stroller safety

Cute animals support and cuddle your child's head in the car seat

Mother's Hand Headrest is a uniquely designed headrest for strollers and carseats. It is shaped like hands and offers support where little kids need it: under the jaw line, so their heads don't swing to the front or to the sides while the car is moving. The contoured center supports the chin to prevent the slumping of your child's head, while the sides offer soft and comfortable support, just like mother's hands.

As you drive, the car's momentum as it turns, and also accelerates and slows down, can naturally and inevitably cause your child's head to quickly move or even snap back and forth. This is dangerous to your child. Mother's Hand Headrest solves this problem and safely protects your child.

Replace uncomfortable head straps with this plush, easy to use head support.


  •  Easy to carry
  •  Supports children 1 to 6 years old
  •  Provides a natural support for your child's head
  •  Unique design: soft and comfortable for children
  •  Solves a problem moms and dads face everyday
  •  Easy to use and compatible with any car seat or stroller
  •  The only headrest on the market which prevents forward head motion
  •  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard tested (FMVSS 213)

Easy to Install and Use

Mother's Hand Headrest: Child carseat/stroller safety

Material: Soft plush fabric cover made out of polyester/cotton blend. Filled with polyester fiber.

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