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Portable Lantern & Radio

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This Portable Lantern & Radio features super bright white and red LEDs plus a high quality AM/FM radio perfect for a variety of recreational, outdoor activities and emergencies. It generates power in the rechargeable battery by simply winding it up or plugging it into a vehicle's cigarette lighter. It will also charge cell phones for unexpected, emergency phone calls and also serves as a speaker for MP3 players.


Portable Lantern & Radio• Lantern operates on 3 LEDs (LOW) or 9 LEDs (HIGH)
• Fifteen white and red LED lights for an emergency flashing beacon
• AM/FM radio
• High frequency, ultrasonic mosquito repeller
• Night light
• 120 decibel siren
• Includes DC charger
• Includes cell phone charger for Nokia cell phone models 3650, 3595, 3586i, 3560, 3520, 7250i, 6800, 6610, 6200, 6100, 5100, 3361, 3300, 2285, 2270, 2260, 252, 282, 1260
• Adapter tips for other mobile phone models are available at mobile phone dealers
• Includes MP3 connector cord

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