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HE55220 Replacement Heating element 5.5 KW 220V, EcoSmart ECO11, POU6

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$59.99 - $64.94
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EcoSmart heater element for ECO11, POU6HE55220 is the replacement heating element for tankless water heaters with 5.5 kW at 220V (6 kW at 240V) for EcoSmart POU 6, ECO 11. Also compatible with other brand heating elements with the same specs, including Eemax HA013240, HA011240, PR013240, PR011240, EEM24013, EEM24011, EEM24006, Rheem RTEX-13, RTEX-11, RTEX-13, RETEX-11, RTEX-06, RETEX-06, Richmond RMTEX-06, Titan N-120

The above listed 11kW and 13kW heaters use two of these elements. The 6kW heaters use one element.

Length of the copper anode element material: 8.2 inches (NOT including the brass threads)
Length from end of brass plug with threads to end of element "U" turn: 8.7 inches (including the brass threads)
Length of the entire item, from the screws at bottom of plastic plug to the end of element "U" turn: 9.5 inches
Weight of item not including packaging: 11.0 oz

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