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Heating Element, Drakken-iHeat M-S Series Tankless Water Heater

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Heating Element for Drakken/iHeat M and S Series Tankless Water Heaters:

M-4, M-7, M-9, M-12, M-14, M-16

S-4, S-7, S-9, S-12, S-14, S-16

Following is a listing of the heating elements used for each heater.

S4, M4: 3200 W at 110 V
S7, M7: 6000 W at 208 V
S9, M9: two 4000 W, 208 V
S12, M12, SADK-1, ADK-1: either one 5000 W and one 6000 W, or two 5500 W. All at 208 V.
S14, M14: one 5500 W and one 6000 W, both at 208 V
S16, M16: two 6000 W, 208 V

If the heater uses two elements, it is highly recommended that you replace heating elements in pairs. Typically, when one heating element fails, and only one is replaced, the other heating element typically soon fails as well.

Length of the copper anode element material: 8.2 inches (NOT including the brass threads)
Length from end of brass plug with threads to end of element "U" turn: 8.7 inches (including the brass threads)
Length of the entire item, from the screws at bottom of plastic plug to the end of element "U" turn: 9.5 inches
Weight of item not including packaging: 11.0 oz