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Norvell Sunless Handheld Spray Solution, VENETIAN

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The Absolute Best Spray Tan Solutions for HANDHELD Spray Guns

This solution has the correct viscosity for a wide range of sunless tanning spray guns, airbrush spray guns, body painting spray guns. Spray your way into the thriving sunless tanning industry.


Venetian is an exotic sunless formula that features a special combination of brown and violet toned bronzers. The result is that the color mimics the skin tones that you might see on the beautiful beaches of the Cote D' Azure. This unique combination of subtle, almost subliminal, color tones blends with any skin tone to produce a long-lasting, dark tan.

Norvell PREMIUM Sunless Handheld Spray Solution, VENETIANSizes:

• 34 oz / 1 liter
• 128 oz / 1 gallon in Norvell's Everfresh box. Helps solution last longer.

Fragrance: Paradise Breeze

• Paraben Free
• Gluten Free
• Nut-Allergen Free
• Sulfate Free


How does the VENETIAN solution work?

Norvell has an ongoing quest as the industry leader to create the most natural-looking color available. They developed Venetian as the current best available color, building on its previous successful formulations. Venetian has a unique bronzers with a violet hue that appears as a natural, sun-kissed radiance. The spray tan recipient looks as if she or he just came from a pristine beach on the Mediterranean coast.

How long does the color last?

When applied by a trained professional, the Venetian spray tan usually lasts from five to seven days.

Use Norvell's leading handheld machines, technically superior solutions, and the perfect selection of innovative guns. With them you'll customize your client's sunless tanning results in ways that are as unique and individual as them.

Made in America