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Paintbrush Holder & Paint Can Lid

Original price $5.49 - Original price $10.44
Original price
$5.49 - $10.44
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Prevent paint brushes from drying during breaks or between jobs.
Save time from cleaning paint brushes on the job.
Seal the paint can better than its own lid.

The Paint Brush Storage Lid can fit on any 1 gallon paint can. It keeps wet paint brushes and opened paint cans from air exposure so they don't dry up during the job, or between jobs. It conveniently holds your brush. It provides an airtight seal on your paint cans.

This handy gadget is also eco-friendly. It eliminates the paint and/or solvents that would normally go down the drain when cleaning paint brushes during a pause in your painting job.


• Keeps paint and brushes from drying out
• No tools needed: just press down to seal
• Exclusive wedge-fit rim design seals tightly over any round gallon can
• Light: weighs only 3.5 oz
• Proprietary polymer grommet withstands brush suspension in lacquer thinner or mineral spirits

Convenient and mess-free paintbrush holder

Air-tight seal keeps cans of paint from drying out


Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q: Do you have this product for smaller sized cans, such as quart cans?
A: No, sorry. Only the one gallon size is available from the manufacturer.