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Adjustable Single Wall Vent Pipe 3"-24" Diameter Z-Vent Z-Flex

by Z-Flex
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Adjustable Single-wall Z-Vent Pipe by NovaFlex Z-Flex for tankless & pool water heaters, and boilers

Adjustable pipe is specified when the system is located in tight installation parameters. Adjustable pipe must be connected to an adjacent straight pipe only. Do not insert into fittings.

The 3 inch and 4 inch diameter pipes have been referred to 2SVSPA03 and 2SVSPA04 in the past but are now known as 2SVSALS3 and 2SVSALS4.

Z-Flex Z-Vent is rated AL29-4C and is approved for Category I (vertical only), II, III and IV applications and is designed for use with boilers, high efficiency gas and oil heaters and water heaters where cool flue gases are vented under pressure. Z-Vent contains a built-in, fail-safe gasket and locking band connection. No sealant is required.

Z-Flex is the leading manufacturer of specialty venting systems for furnaces, boilers, tankless water heaters, water heaters, oil heaters, fireplaces, and more. Z-Flex uses a variety of innovations in materials and construction to create products that deliver superior performance, enhanced efficiency, convenient handling, greater reliability, easier installation, optimal safety and increased service life.

Made in AmericaFeatures and Benefits:

• Includes silicone gasket inside and gear clamp on outside of female end of pipe
• Z-Vent is an engineered stainless steel alloy, specially non-corrosive gas vent pipe.
• Suitable for heaters that require positive or negative pressure venting
• Vent material: AL29-4C stainless steel
• Approval: Cat II, III, IV venting
• Certification: Tested to meet or exceed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) spec UL1738 and ULS636
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

The 3 inch diameter adjustable vent pipe (2SVSALS3) is ideal for the following heaters (plus any high-heat tankless water heater that requires 3" stainless steel vent pipe):
Bosch AquaStar 2400ES, Bosch Therm 940ES, Bosch Therm 830ES, Bosch AquaStar 2700ES, Bosch Evolution 500, Bosch Therm 660EF, Bosch Pro 715ES, Bosch Pro 635ES, Bosch AquaStar 2400E, Bosch AquaStar 250SX

The 4 inch diameter adjustable vent pipe (2SVSALS4) is also known as the Pentair and StaRite Appliance adapter with item number 77707-0087 and the Zodiac/Jandy Appliance adapter with item number R0731100. It is specified for all Pentair and StaRite MaxETherm and MasterTemp heaters, and all Zodiac/Jandy Jxi heaters.


Z-Vent SVE Series IV Installation and Maintenance Instructions, 3" to 24", Single & Double Wall

Z-Vent Dimensional Specifications


The 3 inch adjustable vent pipe (2SVSALS3) can be adjusted from 11.5 inches to 15 inches in length. Bosch refers to this item as 4ZVAL03.

Z-Flex Z-Vent 3" Stainless Steel Adjustable Vent Pipe (4ZVAL03) dimension diagram

A B C Part Number Description
3 7.75 2.00 2SVSALS3 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 3 in
4 7.75 2.00 2SVSALS4 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 4 in
5 13.75 2.00 2SVSPA05 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 5 in
6 13.75 2.00 2SVSPA06 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 6 in
7 13.75 2.00 2SVSPA07 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 7 in
8 13.75 2.00 2SVSPA08 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 8 in
9 13.75 2.00 2SVSPA09 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 9 in
10 13.75 2.00 2SVSPA10 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 10 in
12 13.75 2.00 2SVSPA12 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 12 in
14 11.75 3.00 2SVSPA14 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 14 in
16 11.75 3.00 2SVSPA16 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 16 in
18 11.75 3.00 2SVSPA18 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 18 in
20 11.75 3.00 2SVSPA20 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 20 in
22 11.75 3.00 2SVSPA22 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 22 in
24 11.75 3.00 2SVSPA24 Z-Vent Adjustable Pipe 24 in