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Flipple: Add an infant feeding nipple to any water bottle

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With Flipple, there's no need to haul empty baby bottles, buy expensive single portion servings of formula, or worry that the premixed bottles contain fresh formula. You will enjoy the speed and ease of preparing the baby formula on-the-go. Can be used with your nipple, collar as well as bottled water to be 100% ready for a feeding on-the-go. Simply screw on the funnel adapter side-up then add formula. Unscrew the adapter, flip over and add the nipple. Shake and feed. It's that easy.

Made in AmericaWhy You Need Flipple

♥ It's a baby bottle on the go. No need to bring out a baby bottle from the house again.
♥ Turn any bottled water into a baby bottle.
♥ Use in an emergency or for convenience.
♥ The funnel allows any powder formula to easily be added to any bottled water.
♥ Revolutionary thread design allows adapter to work with almost all local brands of bottled water.

Flipple: Add an infant feeding nipple to any water bottle

Flipple gives you freedom. The adapter fits almost all standard water bottles to create a baby bottle on the go.

Flipple is a dynamic new product that adds simplicity to your life, saves time, and is a high-quality product. People of all ages can use this innovative product. You'll quickly see the advantage of owning this adapter.

In today's world, parents are over-stressed from juggling jobs and so many other tasks at one time. It is easy to forget the most important item when traveling with a baby... the bottle. Unpredictable delays such as traffic jams are much less stressful with the Flipple to pacify your child. It only takes one use for you to see the importance of always carrying this adapter. Flipple eliminates worry and guarantees your peace of mind when leaving the house. The availability of safe, bottled water replaces the questionable quality of municipal water outside the home. All this makes Flipple a "must have" item.

Keep one in your diaper bag, purse, glove box, night stand... anywhere you might need it.


♥ Remove cap and adjust water level for the amount of formula needed
♥ Screw Flipple on water bottle, funnel side up, just enough to engage threads
♥ Add formula per manufacturer's instructions
♥ Remove Flipple, replace cap and shake
♥ Remove cap, screw Flipple on funnel side down
♥ Add nipple to the water bottle assembly

If water bottle collapses, loosen the top, reshape, and tighten.


Prior to first use, boil Flipple for three minutes. Wash with mild soap and hot water or on top rack of dishwasher.


It is the consumer's responsibility to inspect and discard any parts showing wear or defect. Check water temperature prior to use. When adding liquid with the funnel, the adapter may leak. Bottle will not leak when used as a baby bottle. Only products suitable for babies are to be used with this product.

Flipple pack types for ordering

Travel Pack:
1 Flipple, with 1 nipple and cap
Travel Pack Bundle:
Order 2 Packs and save.
Flipple Travel Pack, Flipple-Company-Baby_Flipple_Water_Bottle_Adapter-Add_a_nipple_to_bottled_water

Flipple Travel Pack Bundle

Flipple Multi-Pack:
5 Flipples with 1 nipple and cap

Flipple Multi Pack