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Insertable Seal for Air Return-Vents, 24x30" Insulation Bubble Sheet

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Note: This item is NOT the metal grill or vent.

Block cold drafts flowing through your air return vent

Also good for blocking drafts for any vent that our standard Elima-Draft covers won't fit

The Elima-Draft Insertable Seal for Air Returns blocks the return air vent of the central A/C system. Many times it is located in a first or second floor ceiling.

This "Insulated Blanket" is made of foil bubble insulation that measures 24" x 30". Is your air return vent a different size (well, any size?) You can easily cut the vent cover to fit your particular return vent dimensions.

Made in AmericaFeatures

♥ Blocks drafts invisibly by blending in perfectly with its clean, white color
♥ Prevents heat loss
♥ Makes rooms more comfortable
♥ Use with any size vent


• R-Value: R-6
• Thickness: 5/16"


Elima Draft air vent cover opened

Here, the Insertable Seal for Air Returns was cut down
to fit into the shown 12" x 12" vent.

♦ To install with air return vents with hinged metal grates, just cut the insulation sheet to fit inside the vent, place it between the return grill and air filter located behind the grate, and close the grate. Done!

♦ If the return grill is larger than the 24" x 30" piece that ships, for example 32" x 32", you can cut and tape together multiple pieces of this item. What tape to use? Duct tape, of course ;)

♦ If you have a vent that is a size/style that the Elima-Draft solid covers do not work on, you can attach this Insertable Seal to the outside of the vent. We recommend fastening with clear or white Velcro (hook and loop) adhesive, or 3M Scotch Dots.

This item has an alternate part number of ELMDFTRETURN.

Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heater Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers
Example of an air return/intake vent, 16" x 32"