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Re-Pillable Card: Mini, Portable, Wallet, Pocket Pill Box-Holder

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$3.81 - $16.76
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Have the pills you need anytime, anywhere in the most discrete and convenient way.

Get two Cards for $4.99. Get six Cards for $12.99.

The lightweight and thin Re-Pillable Card is a life-saving, refillable wallet pill card. Simply slide it in the top credit card slot in your wallet. It uses virtually no space and you will not even notice it in your wallet.

Use the Re-Pillable Card to discretely and accessibly store life-saving prescription medication and handy pain-reliever pills, among others. It is the world's only wallet pill card.

RePillable Card is made from FDA, medically approved Polypro (polypropylene). This is the same type of plastic that is used inside the body in various surgical procedures.
Re-Pillable Card: Mini, Portable, Wallet, Pocket Pill Box/Holder

Made in America

The Re-Pillable Card has been the recipient of the Best Health/Medical/Personal Care/Safety Invention Award at the 2006 Yankee Invention Expo Show. It was first featured in Men's Health magazine and now proudly appears in Steve Greenberg's GADGET NATION.