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Snappy Stringer: Fishing-Noodling Stringer

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String your catch quickly and haul them easily.

Snappy Stringer: Fishing/Noodling Stringer

There are many fish stringers available on the market. Most of them are made from traditional nylon. As a fisherman, you know how difficult it is to work with these stringers, and how often they bunch up under the water, killing your catch.

Snappy Stringer is made of flexible and durable polyurethane which fans out underwater, keeping your fish alive until you're ready to go. Its strong construction ensures that the stringer won't snap under duress like many other fishing stringers.

Snappy Stringer's quick-release clip lets you string your fish quickly and snap the stringer back in place so you can keep your hands free for the next prize catch. Just press the quick-release button, insert the plastic clip through the fish's mouth, then snap it back into place.

Snappy Stringer has become required equipment for smart anglers.

Other nylon stringers catch at the clips and require you to move the fish down the line manually. But Snappy Stringer's glass-smooth surface lets the fish slide down easily on their own, saving you the hassle and time. One clip insertion and you're done. Save yourself from frustration.

Snappy Stringer can be attached conveniently to a post or tree by inserting a rope through the opening on the clip, or even to your fishing vest using a carabiner clip. Fix it firmly in place, saving your hands from the wear and tear that results from picking up the stringer throughout the day.

The Snappy Stringer provides distinct advantages to both noodlers and fly fishermen.

The quick-release button lets you string your fish with one hand without having to put down your fishing pole. If you're a noodler, you may be holding a big fish you just caught without a place to set it down. The Snappy Stringer lets you do it all with a single press of a button. You'll have your catch strung up in no time.

After a full day of fishing, nothing can be more daunting than a long hike back to your vehicle, complete with the sore and blistered hands that come from carrying a heavy haul. Unlike nylon fish stringers which hurt and chafe your hands as you haul the day's catch, Snappy Stringer's comfortable design keeps your hands pain-free, allowing you to enjoy even more days fishing.

Snappy Stringer weighs only 0.23 pounds and is available in lengths of 5 or 10 feet.

Buy a Snappy Stringer and step up your game!


Product durability

Snappy Stringer: Fishing/Noodling Stringer

When you're bringing in a big catch, you wouldn't want to worry about your stringer giving out. The Snappy Stringer was designed to support the whole spectrum of fishing hauls: from dozens of small fish to a bunch of large ones, and everything in between. The polyurethane coated cable and durable plastic and will give you the confidence while you cast your line until you've had your fill.


Quick release mechanism


Snappy Stringer: Fishing/Noodling Stringer


Wading through a river with a fishing net in one hand and a rod in the other gives the ultimate sense of freedom, but it requires a stringer that you can open and close easily and quickly. Snappy Stringer's quick release mechanism will make stringing a breeze. Just press the button at the center of the top housing, pull down the other half and the stringer will snap open. Noodlers and fly fishing enthusiasts alike will find the Snappy Stringer extremely useful and easy to use.


Polyurethane coated cable


Snappy Stringer: Fishing/Noodling Stringer


Snappy Stringer's 10-foot long polyurethane coated cable allows your fish to glide easily up and down the stringer. Bringing home a big haul has never been this easy. The smooth coated cable also helps to keep your fish alive for much longer. Unlike older nylon stringers that often kill fish by crowding them together, the Snappy Stringer lets them separate on the line and fan out in the water.


Attaches anywhere


Snappy Stringer: Fishing/Noodling Stringer


Portability is extremely important in fishing stringers. That's why Snappy Stringer was designed with a loop in the top housing. This lets you attach the stringer to anything: the side of your boat, a tree, your fishing jacket, or a float tube. You can even run a carabiner through the loop to clip your Snappy Stringer to your vest. Now that's convenient!


Easy to carry


Snappy Stringer: Fishing/Noodling Stringer


Nylon fish stringers sound like a good idea. That is, until you pull one out of the water and carry it to your car. Before you know it, the weight of all the fish on the nylon string is burning your hand. Snappy Stringer's smooth polyurethane coated line makes carrying the day's haul painless and easy. Hold it by top housing or by the the line. You won't regret a thing either way!


Perfect for fly fishing


Snappy Stringer: Fishing/Noodling Stringer


Whether forward, spey or reach casting, every fly fishing enthusiast needs a portable fish stringer. This is one of the reasons why Snappy Stringer is very popular with fly fishermen and women. Snappy Stringer attaches easily to fly fishing vests, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy the spontaneity and freedom of your favorite sport!


Perfect for hand fishing


Snappy Stringer: Fishing/Noodling Stringer


Noodling in your wading boots mid-stream with your hands down in the water might be one of the most liberating sports in existence. Now, combine that with having to trudge to shore each time you haul a catch and you'll truly understand the meaning of frustration. Well trudge no longer, because Snappy Stringer attaches to your fishing vest, belt loop, or anything else you're wearing.