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Weed Spinner Gardening Tool for Getting Rid of Weeds

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Weed Spinner Gardening Tool for Getting Rid of Weeds

Weed Spinner is the NEW and only YARD & GARDEN tool that removes the weed and all its roots with one spinning motion.

Weed Spinner Gardening Tool for Getting Rid of Weeds


Works with any cordless or electric drill.
Removes weeds and roots fast. Point the Weed Spinner’s tip at the middle of the weed, squeeze the trigger, and the weed is completely eliminated in a single action. No root left to grow back. It even removes tree seedlings.
Works anywhere: Next to curbs, driveways, sidewalks, concrete, and even rock gardens.

Weed Spinner is Made in America


Eco-friendly. No more harmful chemicals, herbicides, nor pesticides. The Weed Spinner is the clear, GREEN choice. Nicknamed "the Greener De-Weeder".
Save money. Stop buying expensive Roundup and other toxic weed killers.
Self-cleaning and easy to use.
• You will have FUN instantly zapping weeds right before your eyes. Takes the work out of weeding.
Save your back and knees. 30" drive shaft for easy stand up use. No more bending down.
• Total length: 33"
• Material: carbon steel
• Made in USA

Using Your Weed Spinner

The Weed Spinner works with any cordless or electric drill. We recommend a standard 3/8" variable speed cordless drill for best results. The top speed can vary from 600 to 1400 RPM. Use a slower RPM for large weeds and a higher RPM for smaller weeds and debris. For best results, point the spinner head vertically (directly down) into the center of the weed or debris you want to remove.