Smartswipe: Credit card security for online shopping


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Shop online securely with SmartSwipe

Don't you hate keying in your credit card number when placing an order online? It's sort of slow and quite unsafe.

Here is the better way: Swipe your credit card right at your laptop or PC. Instantly you will see it on your computer screen, encrypted.

So, you just plug SmartSwipe into your computer's USB port and you are immune to hackers, viruses and spyware. It works on practically every website that accepts credit cards.

Use it at home, in Internet cafes and coffee shops, and at work. It is very small, portable, and lightweight.

 SmartSwipe lets you shop safely online by protecting your credit card information from malicious software
 Proactively protects you from 'phishing' sites
 Keeps you safe from "man-in-the-middle" attacks

What is SmartSwipe?

SmartSwipe is the most secure way to shop online. It is the original truly secure personal credit card reader. Just install it on your computer, and you can swipe your credit card in your home or at the office just like you would in any store. The SmartSwipe plugs into your USB port, so you can go shopping at your favorite online stores and swipe your credit card. Simple. With the SmartSwipe, you know your credit card information secure no matter what sites you buy from. Read this satisfied customer's testimonial:

"NetSecure has hit the mark with SmartSwipe. This innovative solution greatly reduces the risk of having credit card information captured by malicious software on a user’s computer. This product is the real thing -- not some "vaporware". I recommend SmartSwipe for anyone who uses their credit card online." (Don Burlack, CISSP, CISM, CEH; President - C.S.I. Services Inc.)

Enhanced Security for Online Shopping

Even the so-called strongest internet security cannot completely protect you when you shop online. Most internet security programs will protect your information once it reaches the internet, but hackers can access your personal information while you enter it into your computer and while it sits in your computer's memory. Anti-virus software and firewalls are not enough to protect you from hackers and scammers. With SmartSwipe, your information is protected from the moment you swipe your card, and your information is never stored anywhere on your computer. If you want to be truly safe while shopping the internet, get SmartSwipe today.


Credit card companies, online retailers and security professionals spend millions of dollars annually to make the internet safe for credit card transactions, yet credit card data is stolen every day. Why is this still happening?

Because your computer is vulnerable.

Traditional online security mainly uses concepts like encryption and SSL, which only protects information as it goes from your computer to the shopping website.

But what happens to your information while you are typing it in, and when it sits in your computer's memory? This is when information is the most vulnerable to malicious software, such as spyware and viruses. Criminals use this vulnerability to steal your credit card information right off of your computer. You will not know they did it until it is too late.

SmartSwipe keeps you secure by protecting your sensitive information as you swipe your card. Since your personal information is protected before you enter it into your computer, it is no longer vulnerable to malicious software and hacker attacks.

Smartswipe: Credit card security for online shopping

Smartswipe: Credit card security for online shopping

More security, more convenience

SmartSwipe is so easy to use, which makes online shopping more convenient than ever. Simply run the installation software and then plug the device into a USB port on your computer. Now there is no need to ever type your credit card information into a website again. SmartSwipe makes online shopping more simple, quick, and safe than it has ever been.


  • Plug and Play Installation - Run the installation software, plug the SmartSwipe into an open USB port, and you are ready to shop.
  • Automatic Updates - As we improve our software, we will share these enhancements with you automatically, so there is no need to buy an updated version.
  • SmartSwipe works within your existing internet browser's security programming, which means that you can shop online the way you always have and SmartSwipe will protect you.


  • Manually entering in credit card information is a pain, and SmartSwipe removes this annoying part of online shopping. Just swipe your card and SmartSwipe will do the rest.
  • The Internet is constantly changing - SmartSwipe is smart enough to change along with it.


  • Onboard Cryptographic Provider - Your credit card information is protected while you swipe it.
  • SmartSwipe protects your sensitive credit card information from virtually all kinds of malicious software attacks.

Smartswipe: Credit card security for online shopping


I see the "lock" icon on my web browser, and the website assures me their site is safe. Am I still at risk?

Yes, the website and transaction system may be secure, but you are still at risk. Your information has to travel through your computer in an unprotected state before it is encrypted (scrambled). That is where it is most vulnerable.

What is SmartSwipe and why do I need it?

SmartSwipe is the first truly secure home credit card reader. Internet fraud and identity theft are a growing problem everywhere, and everyone should take action to protect their sensitive information. The SmartSwipe conveniently gives you that protection while you shop on any site.

When do I plug in the device?

We recommend that you plug in the device during the installation process, right after you restart your computer. However, it does not really matter when you plug it in - many users only plug in the credit card reader when they are about to purchase something online.

Smartswipe: Credit card security for online shopping

How does the SmartSwipe protect me?

Even if the connection between the site you are buying from and your computer is secure, your sensitive information has to travel through your computer before being sent. The SmartSwipe encrypts (scrambles) your credit card information instantly, so your information is never in an unencrypted state.

Can I use my debit card?

The SmartSwipe is currently only compatible with credit cards, or in the United States it will work with credit/debit combination cards, such as Visa check cards.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JBC. In general, if the site you are buying from accepts the card, so will the SmartSwipe.

What if someone else wants to use my SmartSwipe?

Let them. All they have to do is swipe their card. The SmartSwipe works with any number of credit cards and people.

What if someone breaks into my home and steals my SmartSwipe? Will they have all my information?

No, the SmartSwipe never stores any of your card information, so there would be nothing on it to steal.

What are the system requirements for the SmartSwipe?

Requires Internet connection and available USB port, plus Windows XP (SP3+), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 7 through 9, Firefox 4 through 22. It is not compatible with Chrome or IE 11.

Can I use it at work or on the road?

Yes. The SmartSwipe will work on any computer that meets the system requirements shown above. It is small, light and portable, perfect for taking with you on the road.

Does it work outside of the United States?

There is no technical reason to stop it from working anywhere, as long as the website you are shopping on allows for out-of-country payments.

What if I need to update my information?

The Smart Swipe does not store any of your information, so you never need to update it manualy in any way. If you get a new credit card, just swipe the new card when you are ready to make a transaction online.

Is it Mac compatible?

It is not compatible with Mac...However: Tim from The Frozen Show successfully used SmartSwipe on a Mac with a virtual machine running Windows XP.

If I accidentally swipe my card multiple times, will the payment go through multiple times?

No, the SmartSwipe only accepts one purchase per transaction.

Can I use the SmartSwipe on any website?

Yes. There are thousands of websites in our database, and hundreds more are added daily. You can also use our customized protection tool to add almost any shopping website you wish to our database. Virtually every website, no matter how small, works with the SmartSwipe.

Do I have to pay a fee every time I swipe?

No, after you purchase the SmartSwype, you can use it as much as you want for free. There are no hidden fees or costs.

Will this technology be obsolete right away?

NetSecure continually updates its software and provides it to customers, cost-free and hassle-free, as new technology emerges.

How is the SmartSwipe affected if my computer get a virus?

The SmartSwipe is completely secure and is not affected by viruses. Your information will still not be vulnerable, because it is not stored.

What if I don't have my card with me, can I then enter the info manually on that computer?

Yes, but it is not recommended. If you need to, you can choose not to use the SmartSwipe and manually enter your card information instead.

I am on a checkout page, what do I do now?

After you have installed SmartSwipe, you will see a 'SmartSwipe button' (yellow and gray chain link) in your browser's toolbar. When you are on a page that requires credit card information, click that button and SmartSwipe will walk you through the rest of the process. For technical support please go here:

Does the SmartSwipe have a warranty?

Yes, SmartSwipe has a Full Lifetime Warranty.

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