Credit Card and Personal Data Security

Your data is safe with Here is why.

Credit Card Data

Let's start with the most critical data: your credit card data. Did you know that we never, even for an instant, save your credit card data? When you type in your credit card number, the numbers are just on your computer. Then, when you click the button to submit the form, your credit card data is sent encrypted with SSL directly to , our payment gateway. In a nutshell, that is why the shopping cart system is certified as PCI-DSS compliant. And, that is why we are allowed to display the Trustwave seal at the bottom of every page. Go ahead and click on that image to see that has passed PCI compliance.

Your Personal Data

Many people who shop on the Internet are worried about giving out personal information. We understand. No need to worry when using We have carefully taken steps to ensure we keep all your personal data securely. We cover this subject in complete detail on our Privacy Policy page here.

Overall, A Secure Environment

From the time you click Checkout, all information sent across the Internet is transmitted with extremely strong encryption. When you checkout, look in your address bar. You will see that it has "https://" That "s" stands for "secure", literally. And when you check out and provide us with your personal and credit card data, the Web page is secured with an authenticated SSL certificate and is not fraudulent nor spoofed. For proof of our SSL certificate authentication, click on this image: If you want a good, fairly simple explanation on using SSL, certificates, and how to verify that a Web page is safe, click or touch here. (.pdf format)