Booster Bath: Large Portable Dog Bathing Tub


Weight: 22.00 lbs
MPN: 3040

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Make bath time easier and more fun at one fourth the time and one tenth the hassle.

Experience the most lightweight, effective, affordable and portable dog bath: Booster Bath. No more dogs in your bath tub or shower. No more chasing dogs around the backyard with a hose. Now, bath time is easy and fun.

Bathing your dog with the Booster Bath will take one-tenth the hassle and 75% less time. 

It's so portable that you can use it in the garage, laundry room, basement, or anywhere outdoors.

Booster Bath solves the three most difficult aspects of dog grooming:

↓ bending over or kneeling
◊ keeping the dog in place
≈ you not getting soaked

More benefits:

♥ You and your dog won't be slipping and sliding around.
♥ You won't be chasing the shampoo bottle as it scoots away.
♥ No more messy bathroom cleanup.

Bathing is now a bonding experience with your pet, rather than a chore. Both will love the Booster Bath for years, because it is built to last a lifetime.

American made productFeatures

  •  Sturdy and tough enough to last a lifetime
  •  Legs snap on an off easily. Makes storage and setup a snap.
  •  Rubberized, grippy tub bottom/mat helps prevent your dog from slipping and sliding during bath time. This reduces stress for you and your dog.
  •  Adjustable 3-point dog restraint system
          →  Quick snap adjustable and removable collar
          →  Straps are held by three large, plastic, five-star knobs with stainless steel inserts
  •  All around, 360 degree access for quick bathing and drying
  •  Can be used indoors and outdoors
  •  Leg feet include rubber bumpers to keep the Booster Bath from sliding on smooth floors
  •  Save your back: Booster Bath allows you to stand while washing, instead of bending over.
  •  Keep your bathroom/shower/bathtub clean by using Booster Bath instead
  •  Made in the USA
  •  2 year warranty

Large version of Booster Bath is designed for medium to large breeds up to 150 pounds.

 •  Akita
 •  Boxer
 •  Afghan
 •  Bulldog
•  Retriever
•  Dalmatian
•  Rottweiler
•  Greyhound
•  Springer Spaniel
•  German Shepherd
•  Staffordshire Terrier
Blue dog shower table Tub disassembles for easy storage
Disassembles for easy
storage and transport

Included items

  •  Snap-on pedestals let you set the Booster Bath 4" higher, so you can reach smaller dogs more easily
  •  Shampoo caddy
  •  Fan-shaped spray nozzle gives you quick washing coverage.
       → Includes on/off and water volume control.
       → Dial to a gentle stream or heavy flush.
       → Flat water pattern allows you to sweep away soap and suds.
       → Snaps on the rim of the BoosterBath. Lets you grab it quickly and easily.
 •  5' flexible drain hose allows you to direct drainage away from the wash area


  •  Dimensions: 21.25" L x 45" W x 15" D. Total height is 32.25".
  •  Leg foot print: 27" x 42". Leg height is 19".
  •  Overall height: 25" at the 'U' entrance, 32" to rim of tub
  •  Product weight: 16 lbs
  •  Maximum weight holding capacity: 125 lbs.
  •  Booster Bath and leg materials are 0.25" thick for plenty of strength
  •  Made of 100% virgin, UV stabilized PolyPropylene for long life and durability, even when left in the sun every day

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: What type hose connection does it have? 
A1: Booster Bath only includes a drain hose. You will need to provide your own garden hose to wash the dog with. Booster Bath does include a spray nozzle that can attach to the garden hose.

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